Kids Room Design Ideas

Cool Ideas For Parents To Design A Shared Kid's Bedroom

When you have two kids sharing a bedroom, it's easy to find yourself struggling with a decorating dilemma. Yes, you can simply find a bunk bed and call it a day. But, you also know that within a few years, that bunk bed will go to waste because your little ones will want to have their privacy and independence. Having a functional and transitional kid's room for two is not only a financial investment, but it will also help you have more fun when it comes to finding shared bedroom ideas. Keep reading for inspiration, layout advice, and more ideas to master a kid’s room design for two kids.

How to Create the Best Layout for Shared Rooms

Before looking at furniture, you'll want to measure the room to see how much space you have to work with. Shared bedrooms offer a plethora of layout options- including twin bunkbeds, twin l-shaped beds or even loft beds. Knowing the dimensions of the room will allow you to see which option is best.

For rooms that are smaller, you'll want to focus your attention to twin bunkbeds. This bedstyle will have the smallest footprint. This layout will leave the middle of the room nice and open and allow for the other walls in your room to be used for dressers, bookcases or other storage items. If you need additional sleeping space for sleepovers, check out bunk beds with trundles. 

If you have a larger room, you'll want to focus your attention to the flexibility that loft beds or l-shaped beds offer. Loft beds create a unique hang out space under neath the bed. You can place dressers, desks and other furniture items here to create a special place for your little one. L-shaped configurations utilize mostly wall space and leave the entire center of the room open- perfect for kids who love to play in their rooms.

Now that we know what layouts work best for the space you have, let's check out some of our favorite bed options.

A Modern Style Bunk Bed Ready for Change

In a small room, using the vertical leverage of a bunk bed creates the perfect solution for optimizing the play area. Not only will your children love having the extra space, but imagine all the fun they'll have every night in their room. 

Forget about those bulky and boring bunk bed designs from the past. Today, you can find modern bunk beds everywhere like this Walker Edison Bunk Bed from Walmart. The side ladder makes it easy and safe for your child to go to the top bed, and it saves room, making it the perfect bunk bed option for small kid’s room ideas. But, the reason we love this twin-over-twin bunk bed is that it features an adaptable design that transforms into two separate twin beds that can stay in the same room or move to another bedroom once your child grows.

Try a Traditional Style Bed for Children of Different Ages

When your children are the same age, designing a shared room is more manageable. However, when your kids have different ages, figuring out the bedroom arrangements can seem tricky. Ideally, you want to find a bed set that meets both of their needs. Luckily, that's easily achievable.

For this situation, we love the Your Zone Convertible Twin Over Full Bunk Bed from Walmart. The top features a twin-size bed that your little one will love, with a secure and safe ladder to climb. Your older one will have no problem feeling like a grown-up with the full-size bed at the bottom. Once your children are over the bunk bed set, this style is also convertible so they can still share the bedroom but enjoy more independence.

Keep Growing with this Rustic Style Transitional Bunk Bed 

If your house is all about trendy rustic, farmhouse style, worry not, this bunk bed set will match your kid’s room decor dreams. Perfect for small shared bedrooms. Maximize the space and keep the bed area to a minimum with this twin-size bunk bed. 

For a rustic style, we are choosing the Walker Edison Rustic Wood Bunk Bed from Walmart. The hand-painted antique metal finish gives it a unique rustic and industrial style that will blend with the rest of your home. Plus, this set is also convertible, so once your children are ready, you can separate the bunk bed into two twin-size beds that will still fit perfectly in any small kid’s room.

A Small Kid’s Bedroom Idea That Doubles As Homework Space

Your children will most likely spend most of their days in their bedroom. Make the most out of a bedroom for two by adding multi-functional pieces that can save you space. Many modern bunk beds come with integrated bookshelves and desk areas so that you can have everything in one place.

A great option is this ACME Ragna with Desk and Wardrobe by Walmart. Ideal for tiny rooms because you won't need to add much furniture after this. Even though this bunk bed isn't transitional, the dresser and desk make it a functional furniture piece that will stay with your kids for years to come. Later, you can turn the bookshelves into a second desk, so both kids will have a cool homework and studying space. The bottom bed also seperates from the configuration, allowing for more freedom and privacy in the future. 

Mix & Match Styles for Everyone

Pottery Barn Twin Beds

When you have a boy and a girl sharing the same room, it can be challenging to find the best way to decorate it. In this case, focus on keeping everything gender-neutral. Stay away from common themes like nautical or animals. Instead, decorate the room as you would a guest room, using classic colors and timeless pieces that will transcend the ages. 

However, the key is to let them have their personal space within the room. They can add decorative pieces to their bedroom with their bed covers, wall decor, and other decorative items. Think about it as a college dorm bedroom where each one has their side of the room to decor. 

To make this happen, the Belden Twin Bed from Pottery Barn is a great place to start. We love the l-shape configuration for keeping the center of the room nice and open for playtime. This bed also offers a ton of storage, allowing your little ones to organize their clothes and toys (essential for peace). 

A Princess Bedroom Designed Forever

Princess Bed

Your girls sleepovers will never be the same after you add the Susie Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed from Wayfair. These princess pink beds can serve as the perfect backdrop to your girly room design. With a traditional style that even has the classic arched top on the footboard, you’ll create a dreamy bedroom in no time. Best of all, once the time comes, you can easily separate these beds to let them each have their space. 

Bunk beds like this one are perfect for tiny bedrooms. With very little space you’ll have plenty of room for your girls to sleep, while leaving space available for adding a coffee table for their afternoon dates, or even a desk-area for studying or finishing up homework. What’s best is that you can also dream big with the decor themes. Even when your girls are older, you can choose a sophisticated, glam style for the bedroom without having to change the beds.


Transitional Boys Bedroom with a Fortress

Bunk Bed Boys

When it comes to boys sharing bedrooms, things can get complicated. At some age, they’ll most likely want to have their separate car-shaped beds. But, you and I both know this phase will soon end and you’ll have to figure out what to do with a car-shaped bed. Instead use your best tactics to convince them that this Belden Full-Over-Full Bunk Bed from Pottery Barn Kids is an actual fortress. 

Make a statement and create the perfect space for your boys with this original bunk bed. It’s absolutely perfect for small spaces. You can either place it by a corner, or make it the centerpiece of the room. Under -the-bed drawers add additional extra storage. You could even add some foldable desks to the sides of the stairs for a mini studying area or reading nook. Consider this your real fortress with the possibility of growing up old with your kids, until they’re ready to leave the fortress.


Thinking about kid's rooms ideas for two is all about finding the right furniture pieces that grow with them. It all starts with choosing the right bedding, and then the other elements will fall in place. Start a project today and get in touch with one of our interior designers to look at your room's layout and see what's the best option for your kid's room design.

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