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Cool Kids Bedroom Themes & Decor Ideas That Are Trendy & Timeless

If you're on the hunt for kids' room ideas that feel both trendy and timeless, we have some options for you. Gone are the days of typical monster trucks and princess castles — but that doesn't mean that the kids' room design has to be any less creative or playful. Below, check out some of our favorite kid's bedroom themes of the moment, as well as some fun kid's bedroom decor themes that you can incorporate into other rooms. 

1. Outer Space Themed Kid's Bedroom

boys outer space bedroom

Spaceships, and aliens, and planets, oh my! Put together a boys' room that incorporates tons of extraterrestrial elements like stars, planets, rockets. This fun duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids glows in the dark, or you can paint the walls a deep navy blue and put up glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling. And if your son's space preferences are more scientific than Buzz Lightyear, a solar system mobile is a great addition to the room. 

2. Rainbow Themed Girls Bedroom

boho rainbow girls nursery

Even if your daughter doesn't want a bright pink room, it doesn't mean it doesn't have to be colorful. Rainbows are a fun way to make a girl's room feel happy and cheery, no matter what the weather looks like outside. Store her toys in a rainbow hamper, lay a geometric multicolored rug on the floor, put up rainbow watercolor art on the walls, or stack up ROYGBIV-inspired shelves to display her collection of books. 

3. Unisex Bedroom: Jungle Theme Kid's Room

kids safari zoo animal room

If you have a son and daughter sharing a room, or just want your son or daughter to have a more gender-neutral space, try out a safari-inspired theme. These adorable faux taxidermy animal heads are cute to mount on the walls, or you can put up tropical wallpaper to make the room feel more like a jungle. 

4. Unisex Kid's Bedroom Ideas: Around The World

boy standing in front of map wall decal

Photo Credit: Etsy

Inspire your kids to learn to love traveling by setting up a room that highlights cultures from around the world. You can put up a push pin map of the United States so they can document everywhere they've been, or you can set up nooks around the room inspired by different countries. They can sit on sushi pillows while they read about Japan, a fancy tea set will help them celebrate high tea like the English, they can play with stuffed llamas to dream about hiking Machu Picchu, and so much more.  

5. Kid's Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Boys: Vinyl Decals

boys spiderman themed room

Instead of a big project like repainting a room or putting up wallpaper, try something a little more temporary like vinyl decals. It's such an easy project that even your little one can help with, and whenever they get tired of their decor, you can always update it later. A terrazzo stone design can stay pretty neutral, or you can use the decals to play up one of the above themes, like rainbows or outer space.

6. Decor Idea: Chalk Wall

chalkboard wall decor

Photo Credit:

Why put up permanent decor when they can have the option to change it up every day? Paint one of the walls with chalk paint and invest in a ton of chalk so your kids can test out their artistic skills. All you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth when they're done and they can start all over the next day. This is also a cool unisex kid's bedroom idea that they'll love forever and ever. Plus, this is a very fun DIY kid's bedroom decor project you can all do together. 

7. Decor Idea: Pillow Fort for Kids Nook

white kids playroom with pastel accents

No matter what your kid says, they're never too old for a pillow fort. Put up a little teepee and fill it with cozy throw blankets and pillows as we did in this Modern Glam Kids Room Design to turn it into a reading nook or fun hiding space. This kid's play nook will be their favorite spot for years to come. 

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