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Mackenzie Hesler

New house, new home office - that was my plan! I just moved into my new home with my husband Bobby and my cat Crosley, and the home office needed a new spin. Since I work from home, getting this room done right was a priority for me. In addition to serving as my workspace, this room has many roles to play within the household. So, I wanted it designed in a way that it could serve all its purposes.

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Ell is passionate about bringing a home owner’s vision to life and to create a personal space that reflects their personality and attributes. She understands that designing for a home can be stressful. So she offers as much help required in the design phase to help clients make an assertive call.


Design Brief

A crucial detail - I work from home, and this is my primary home office/ workspace. Also, my home office plays multiple roles, and I use it for many other purposes apart from just working there. I have a small keyboard piano in the room which I'm learning to play, so that had to be incorporated in the design. I also wanted a nice daybed or a pull-out couch added to have the room double-up as a guest bedroom. We can see this room turning into a nursery in 2 years or so, but for now, I would like to make the space more inviting and exciting to work in. Since I spend most of my time here during the day, my home office also serves as my workout room, and I want it to be clutter-free. For now, my closet in the room has a small bookshelf in it, and I plan to move my weight rack into my closet potentially, so we'll need a new spot for the books. I also have a basket with my yoga mat, foam roller, etc. that has to be accommodated in the design.


Watching Design Experts at Work

Given that there were so many things set to happen within the room, I was intrigued to see how Ellysia, my designer, would approach it. I was amazed! Her focus never wavered from the objective. Since this was my home office doubling up as a guest room and a workout room, she stuck to my initial suggestion of intertwining modern-minimalism with a touch of the traditional. A fun way to incorporate the old and the new, but more importantly, this design route ensured clutter-free decor with clean lines and sleek finishes. The color palette of the room was perfect. I am partial to Whites with accents of Black along with neutral colors, and that is what Ell gave me. It gave the room a fantastic monochromatic look and with subtle hints of color added in through rose gold and wooden decor accessories along with indoor plants. There was enough space for storage and enough aesthetics to make the room look high on style. The daybed & ladder bookcase from Wayfair and the floating shelf from All Modern were some of my favorite additions. The Rose Gold gallery frames from West Elm were a nice touch, and it sure brightened up the room. The floor-lamp from Living Spaces was an excellent find, the way it curved into the space was quite fascinating - it added a lot of drama to the space and in a good way! I did not want to skimp on the decor accessories because I did not want the room to look bare. Vass, lighting, carpets, pillows and wall decorations were all welcome. And Ell did not forget that. There were lots of neat decor items added to the room, which worked out well.

Designer Notes

Hi Mackenzie, here is your design, and it predominantly features neutrals: black, white, and gray as the color palette. This design features a white daybed and your existing chair. Upon entry, you will see your diploma certificate on the wall. In this design, shelving has been incorporated above the desk and next to the day bed. Your keyboard is placed next to the desk. Black and white artwork will be the backdrop when you are video calling. I hope you love your design.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

I was intrigued to try out the 3D app experience, and I was not disappointed. Spacejoy gives you the added advantage of seeing your design come to life from all angles. The app is interactive, and it allows you to move things around as you please, till you're satisfied with what should go where, allowing you to get the design you've always dreamed of. I've put together a room before taking inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and other sources online, but this was so much better! I enjoyed every bit of the journey, and together with Ellysia, I was able to design the perfect home office for myself.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Susan’s Home Office

Once we had the direction clear in terms of what elements were going to be key in the room, Ell shared two design options of the home office. The 3D renders were very realistic and gave me an excellent idea regarding what the room would look like. I narrowed down on one of the options, and then we went ahead, refining that. After a few iterations, the design was done, and it was time for execution. Working with Ellysia through this was a dream. We communicated very well, and she streamlined the process a lot. She took into consideration all my ideas and requests and added her touch to them as well, ultimately landing on the perfect home office design for me.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Mackenzie Hesler had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

My experience with Spacejoy and their expert designers was great. They made the entire journey so easy for me, and the result speaks for itself. Working from home has its challenges, and a well-designed home office goes a long way in increasing productivity. Mine had its own set of challenges, given that I wanted to use it for so many other purposes. But that was taken care of. I got to learn that if you have a plan of action and a sound designer helping you out along the way, achieving optimal levels of decor is not a problem. Today, my home office is an excellent place for me to work; it's also a lovely guest room and the perfect place for me to workout as well. I couldn't be happier. I will be recommending Spacejoy to my friends, and I am looking forward to working with them again shortly for another room in the house.

Mackenzie Hesler


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