Eclectic Room Designs

Explore carefully crafted, eclectic interior design ideas put together by Spacejoy's interior designers. If you prefer a layered interior design with rich styling that highlights a series of eras and movements, then an eclectic style of interior design might just be the right direction to consider for your home. The eclectic style of interior design and decor is about bringing together diverse styles, opposing textures, and contrasting colors to create a cohesive look. Our eclectically designed rooms include suggestions on selecting a core color palette, understanding pattern play, toying around with textures, setting up a gallery wall, tips on furniture selection, and picking the right statement object. All room designs featured here are wonderfully realized for some of Spacejoy's actual customers in under a budget, though they all look like it's right out of a magazine. While eclectic lends itself well to experimentation, Spacejoy's interior designers have the verve and a keen eye it takes to design eclectic rooms. The eclectic room designs featured here are also practical and come with a curated shopping list featuring the products used – both furniture and décor. Use these eclectic room ideas as a guide to design your living room in your home. If the challenge, however, is a complex one and needs personalized attention, then simply start a project, set a budget, and tell us all about your style needs, and our experts will step in to unlock the best version of your living room. Bring your vision to life.

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