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Living Room Design Ideas

These Small Living Room Decor Ideas Will Give You All The Inspiration You Need

If you're living in a small city apartment, you've probably had your fair share of decorating woes. No room seems big enough for the furniture you actually want, and fitting all of your living room ideas into the space you have available just doesn't seem feasible. But luckily, we've found a few inspo pics full of small living room ideas for you to reference as you decorate your tiny home. Just because your space is small doesn't mean you have to sacrifice how chic it looks! 

Less Is More

What we love about this living room is how minimal everything is. It all lives in a very monochromatic color palette, there are hardly any variations in texture, and there are only a select few, carefully-selected pieces placed strategically around the room. The furniture and decor heavily rely on the architecture of the room so that all of the little details shine, and the monochromaticity helps the small room appear a bit larger. And with a limited color palette, styling is just so much easier. 

Make Use Of A Nook

Oftentimes, living rooms and nooks with slanted ceilings like this one can feel really limiting, but we love the way this space has been utilized. Incorporating low furniture accommodates the shorter part of the ceiling, while string lights and a hanging chair draw the eye upward toward the taller points of the room. We also love the idea of using a shorter ottoman as additional seating — it gives the tight space a cozier feel. 

Play With Scale

One way to make even the tiniest living room seem a bit bigger is to find furniture that really fills up the space. This sofa goes from wall to wall, making that area seem a bit wider than it actually is. Proportionally, the coffee table is significantly smaller than the sofa, making the sofa seem even bigger. It's also worth noting that playing with scale in small places is very important. If everything — sofa, pillows, coffee table — is small, it makes the room feel even tinier. If there are one or two statement pieces that are a bit larger (the sofa in this room, for example), it makes the room feel and appear larger. They also played with scale by choosing bulkier window treatments and larger pillows to provide the stark contrast with the small rug and coffee table.

Mix Up Patterns & Textures 

We always love a whimsical moment, and the way that this small living room design plays with different patterns and textures gives the room multiple focal points, therefore, making the room seem bigger. The patterned throw pillows, paired with the patterned planters, paired with the patterned rug, and completed by the letters on the shelves and art on the walls makes for a visually interesting — if not seemingly random — room. Something else that we love is how they balanced the negative space. While the room is fairly decorated, there is enough negative space on the walls and within the design to accommodate the eclectic nature of the room.

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