Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas For 2020

The living room is the heart of your home. You get the most creative and don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to designing this space. After all, the living room is instrumental in painting the first impression of your home. 

So when you think refreshing your living space naturally, the first place you’ll start with is – your living room. 

Here is our guide to New Living Room Ideas, keeping with the trends of 2020 in the forefront. Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Your Living Room. It’s anything but boring.

This year resolve not to be intimidated by Bold Textures, Colours and Patterns And Prints

Like all trends, bold colors, bright patterns, and luxurious textures have cycled in and out of existence. At times they’ve been perceived as expensive and luxurious, at other times tacky, outdated, and maybe even a little scandalous, but they never truly leave the decor lexicon. 

However, what’ve noticed is a whole new way of incorporating this that lends a sophisticated and yet cozy quality to your living room.

Get A Bright Velvet Couch And Keep Everything Else Neutral.

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