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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is coastal style?
Coastal styles means beachy. Through the use of natural light, soft tone and a clean aesthetic, coastal style is meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach. Coastal style is relaxed at the same time sophisticated, combining the best of vacation and home feeling of leisure and classic style.
Q. How do you get the coastal look?
To get a coastal look, here are some of the best tips to achieve an elegant, seaside, and rustic visual in your home. Layer up on different textures. Rugs, cushions, wall hanging, baskets are some of the fabrics and materials that can be added. Add in the blue hue to the living room. Go for simple lines of furniture which define comfort. Try to mix wood finishes to bring out that perfect coastal look. Try to use all-natural materials for a coastal interior home décor. Opt for jute, hemp, bamboo, wood, wool, linen, and cotton. Don't go in for area or floor rugs.
Q. How do you decorate a coastal house?
To decorate a coastal home, here are some of the tips you need to look out for. Plants and flowers are a refreshing element to any interiors. To create a tone of balance in a coastal home, sand and stone décor will blend well with green elements. The coastal lifestyle is all about freedom and space, therefore, it is best to remove unwanted furniture that makes the room cluttered and small. If you are looking at a comfy coastal living room, add in a sofa, a coffee table, and a bookshelf or a cupboard. Choose simple wall art that resembles the sea or nature to decorate a coastal house. To decorate a balcony or a terrace with a coastal theme add a few seaside plants, a coffee table, and a wicker sunbed or deckchairs.
Q. What is the difference between beach and coastal?
There are not many differences between coastal and beachy interior décor as they are quite similar. In coastal decor, the flooring is in a light wood tone and furniture adds a sense of seamless style. But, beach interior décor welcomes dark wood tones in furniture and flooring. Coastal décor has widows that are minimally covered whereas beach décor has a ton of window panels in different colors and prints.
Q. What is a modern coastal design?
Modern coastal design is about natural fibre rugs, coastal throw pillows, rope accents, shells, palm leaves, seagrass and sea glass to invite a calming vibe. Coastal wall art is abstract, contemporary pieces or simple designs with oceanic colors that stimulate relaxation.
Q. What are some beachy colors?
Here are some of the breeziest beachy colors for coastal inspired décor. Warm creams, natural wood tones, pale turquoise, and lemon yellow. You can also opt for watery shades of blue that are combined with sun-bleached white walls. Sea green and sea blue are other attractive coastal colors.
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