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Online Interior Design Services By Spacejoy

Our design experts will transform any room in your home on our smart 3D desktop App. Shop handpicked products within your budget and style, directly from your room design, within Spacejoy.

Packages start at $99
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Holiday Interior Design Offer - USE CODE : CHEER20
Holiday Interior Design Offer - USE CODE : CHEER20

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WHY Spacejoy

Spacejoy is voted as the best value online interior design service by Good Housekeeping. It's also the easiest way to design your room online. Experience the power of interactive designs, customised to your functional needs, within your budget and matched to your style.

Work 1:1 with Design Experts

Our expert online interior designers will transform any room in your home in your style and budget

Experience Designs in 3D

On our interactive 3D desktop App, see your actual room designed in 3D with handpicked products

In Your Budget

We'll find the best furniture and decor options that match your style and within your budget

Shop From Your Designs

Shop furniture and decor from your design all at once. Or, bring your room to life, one shipment at a time. Within Spacejoy




Good reviews are pouring in

Spacejoy delivers a 3D experience which complements your style, budget and functional needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Best custom made packages with your interior design needs and budget in mind

Q. Can Spacejoy design around products I already own?

Yes! We can easily incorporate your existing furniture and decor pieces while designing. Our designers will ensure your new design, which will feature a combination of your existing furniture and some new handpicked ones will be cohesive and reflect your style and personality. You can see your new design in your actual room in 3D, which means you can be absolutely sure of how everything comes together.

Once you purchase a design package, you'll have to take a style quiz where you can upload pictures of the existing furniture and decor you'd like to keep in your new design. We'll either find similar products from our catalog to use in the design or create a 3D model if the closest match is not available.

Q. When will I get my design?
The delivery time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks because this is a factor of the design package you choose. Spacejoy offers 3 different design packages. Delight, Bliss, and Euphoria. Choose a package based on your needs. We always do our best to deliver your designs at the earliest. If you need the designs ahead of your stipulated time, you can always write to us at hello@spacejoy.com, and your design assistants will do their best
Q. Can I design multiple rooms at a time?
You can design as many rooms as you'd like at the same time. However, if you're planning on designing a full house or more than one room, write to us at hello@spacejoy.com and request a special discount, and we'll offer whatever promotions are running at the moment.
Q. Can Spacejoy's designers help me find my style?
Once you choose a package that best suits your needs, you will take the style quiz for us to gather as much information about your project before your designer begins designing. Through the quiz, we get a deep understanding of your likes, preferences, and purpose of the space. You can also share any inspiration design ideas and moodboards you may have saved on the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, or Houzz. Using this, our designers make a fairly educated assessment of your style and have a discussion with you regarding their evaluation before they head to the drawing board.
Q. Do I have to buy the furniture right away?
All the designs come with a curated shopping list of the products featured in your design. But you decide what to shop and when to shop from your shopping list. You can put your room together, one shipment at a time, at your convenience. The only catch here is, there is a possibility that the products handpicked by your designer suited for your style, budget, and layout may run out of stock at the retailer.
Q. I don't have a floor plan can you work with just pictures and videos of my home?
If you don't have a formal floor plan, you can always eyeball the layout and hand draw it to the best of your abilities and send it to your designer. In the unlikely event that you can't send across a hand-drawn layout, send us in as many pictures and videos. Your designer will find a way to help you figure out the floor plan of your room. Getting the layout right is crucial, as your room's 3D model is based on the floor plan.
Q. I don't have a huge budget, but I need help. Can Spacejoy work with my budget?
Spacejoy's designers work under a budget specified by you. They'll do their best to find furniture and decor options that work for the budget you have in mind without compromising style or functionality.

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