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Q. How can I make my home office look nice?
We have just the right design tips for you that will help make your home office look nice, comfortable, and extremely productive. First of all, a home office set up is all about having the perfect work station a.k.a desk. Invest in the best desk within your budget that’s big enough to accommodate your laptop, files, and other important stuff. Pick a great office chair, one that’s comfortable, sturdy, and you don’t mind spending too much time on. We cannot stress you on the importance of lighting. Complete the look of your office desk with a desk lamp. Clutter is not attractive and hence, choose easy access office storage and something that holds all your paperwork and unwanted stuff. If your home office has a window, ensure there are shutters to allow you just the right amount of light. A blackout curtain isn’t always the right choice for your home office. Other popular ideas to make your home office look nice include the installation of a bulletin board, potted plants, and floating shelves to showcase your work merits, personal art, or anything else that inspires you. You can also add a rug or a carpet on the floor to give the office a soft look and comfortable look for the finishing touches.
Q. What does every home office need?
If you plan to set up a home office, we have just the perfect checklist for you. In terms of home office productivity, we cannot begin to tell you how important it is to have the right office desk that is big enough to accommodate your computer, files, and other important stuff. Ergonomics and comfort go a long way; hence investing in a good office chair with great back support and height becomes essential. Place a storage cupboard or a box in the corner of the room for all your office supplies. This will help you to keep all the clutter at bay. Adequate and appropriate lighting is another important element your home office needs. A combination of natural light and a desk lamp is ideal. If you get these essentials right, you have got everything that’s important for a productive home office.
Q. Where should I put my home office?
With the right kind of space planning, you can set up a home office literally in any of your existing rooms like your family room, dining room or you can even dedicate an entire spare room. Let’s start with your family room. Your regular office desk can easily fit into your family room, behind your couch or by the window. If you are worried about the clutter in your family room, choose a desk that has in-built storage space which will easily hide away all your paperwork and files. You can also take advantage of the extra space in your dining room and set up a desk along the wall. In case you need privacy, sliding doors, or pop up screens will help. If you have a spare room, it's a whole other ball game, you get complete privacy, and you can play with space as you like. You can have a personal workstation, a common seating area for meetings and coffee, and a storage corner.
Q. How do you make a home office in a small space?
With just a little creativity and some rearrangement, you can easily make room for a home office in a small space. Before you bring in any new office furniture, change the layout of the existing room. You can make slight changes in the seating arrangement and have the desk by the window or along the wall. By doing this, you have opened up the floor giving more room for free movement, and if your walls are neutral colored, your room looks airier and less cramped up. If you have an empty wall or a nook, try mounting horizontal wooden shelves to the wall and use it as a standing/sitting workstation with just a bar stool. You can also create an illusion of 2 rooms by adding a divider or a pop-up screen. This gives your home office that added privacy and separates your work area from the living/sleeping area.
Q. What is a good size for a home office?
There is no such thing as a perfect size for a home office. Your desk should ideally be 48” (120cm) wide minimum. However, if you are the kinds that work on a laptop, you can get away with less. Most people find 60” (150cm) wide or larger to be the most comfortable. While an adjustable-height desk is ideal it's not always practical in a home office setting. Another way to set up a home office is by having the desk against the wall. A minimum clearance of 5 feet behind the desk is required so that there is enough space for one person to work and another person to walk. These dimensions will definitely give you a comfortable working space at the comfort of your home.
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