Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

There is only one rule – 'there are no rules' – that's how free-spirited, personal, and exotic the Bohemian style is. If you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian might be for you.

But what makes the bohemian style so distinctive and viable, and how do you get the look right for your living room without coming off as heavy-handed? Well, scroll down the page. You will see that our interior designers at Spacejoy have combined eclectic patterns, different types of lighting, and saturated colors to instantly achieve the look.

Today, the bohemian design is about incorporating different philosophies from around the world. And, the result is an eclectic style that is as diverse as the people who inspire it.

So, if this design inspires you, start to think outside the box because Bohemian is random, eclectic, and devoid of structure and order, which results in a room that's bright, colorful, and patterned.

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