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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. What is a glam style?
Glam style starts with a traditional look and adds some glamor through a lot of ornamental details, creating a sparkling, stunning and elegant appearance. The interiors are about shimmering accents, plush textiles, and crystal-adorned chandeliers. The furniture will have sculptural lines, metal accents, and details. Color palettes are often in white, grey, pastels, and even jewel tones. There will always be a touch of metallic, mirrors, crystal, lacquer, and fur textures in a glam styled home.
Q. What is modern glam style?
The modern glam look is achieved through the combination of three colors which is metallic (gold or silver), neutral ( black or white) and accent colors ( gray, pink). Modern glam style is about smooth and shiny textures like marble, lucite, glass, smooth gold, or silver accents. It also features luxurious fabrics and textures like fur, velvet, and silk.
Q. What is Hollywood glam interior design?
Hollywood glam interior design is exactly what it sounds like: a décor which embraces the decadent and fabulous from top to bottom. The dramatic interior design features Victorian elements like plush velvet pillows, antiques, and tufting. The furniture in these homes is exquisite and is mostly in color palettes which are bold like purple, turquoise, and red with a tinge of gold and brass accents.
Q. What is Hollywood Regency style mean?
Hollywood Regency style is a style which describes both interior and landscape architecture characterized by the bold use of color and contrast. It is often paired with metallic and glass accents to signify comfort and opulence. Here are some of the elements which define a Hollywood regency style in a home: You will not find a lack of color and pattern as both are used strategically. Bright and glossy furniture is a must. Hollywood regency style depends heavily on décor accents to bring in the glam. Along with sculpted carpets, gold and brass hardware, crystal and flashy accessories, this style incorporates luxurious textiles and fabrics like silk, velvet, and fur.
Q. What is rustic glam style?
Rustic glam is a union of weathered wood, chippy furniture and worn pieces with bright whites, lots of sparkle and clean lines. A rustic glam decor include mirrors, candlesticks, throw rugs, pillows, wall plaques, and vases.
Q. How do you mix elegant and rustic decor?
To mix elegant and rustic decor there are a few rules to keep in mind to achieve that perfect combination. Make sure the pieces of both these styles have the same color palette. Consider the use of accent pieces. Don't use too many stand-out pieces in the same room. Since you have to mix elegant and rustic, keep in mind to tone it down to a simpler form. This will avoid your room from looking overwhelming!
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