Industrial Room Designs

Explore carefully crafted industrial room ideas put together by Spacejoy's interior designers. Our industrial interior designs include suggestions around – how to couple sleek modernity and old-world charm with a natural, lived-in feel to create the perfect play of contrasts and decor tips to solidify it as a pleasing whole. With a little planning, any room can be designed in industrial style and can look its best while reflecting the occupant's personal sense of style. Our interior designers take into account all aspects of industrial design style, such as picking the right material, choosing appropriate colors, silhouettes that promote a utilitarian cohesiveness in the overall look of the room.

The industrial room design ideas featured here are from actual projects for real homes crafted by Spacejoy's interior designers in under a budget. What you will notice here is that industrial style interior design takes many forms, and the beauty of the realization lies in how imaginative you can get. That said, the industrial room décor and design ideas are all practical and come with a curated shopping list featuring the products used – furniture and décor. Use these industrial room ideas and tips as a guide to ace your design for various rooms in your home. If the challenge, however, is a complex one and needs personalized attention, then simply start a project, set a budget, and tell us all about your style needs, and our experts will step in to unlock the best version of your dining room. Bring your vision to life.

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