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Q. How can I design my bedroom?
Bedroom designing is no less than a school project but only more fun. Here are some curated ideas for you if you are planning to redesign it yourself. Starting with the walls of your bedroom, add a quirky/fun wallpaper or have an accent wall with one bold color. This sets the tone of the bedroom. Frame either side of your bed with night stands or side tables. To take this look to the next level, add decorative lamps that bring a soft glow to your bedroom after dusk. Here is the part that reminds us of a school project, how about a custom headboard for your bed. Add a wooden panel to the wall behind the bed. The most common but comfortable DIY headboards are your upholstered ones, they are extremely comfortable especially if you spend a lot of time in your bed reading and working. Make your own soft and cozy headboard using a sheet of plywood, some fabric, a few pillows and a staple gun. Another excellent DIY headboard can be made with nothing but a wood pallet. If the slats are close together you can simply turn the pallet into a headboard by attaching it to the wall. No bedroom is complete without a cozy corner.This kinda brings balance to the room. All you need to add is a small side table, some artwork and an ottoman. Voila! You have a perfect place to relax. These are some of the basic ideas you can include in your bedroom design. Get to work and start visualising your dreamy bedroom.
Q. Which color is best for the bedroom?
There are multiple options to choose from that add spark, a pop of color and give your bedroom a quick makeover. In the world of decor, a pale palette isn't dull like cream, beige, off white. Pale colors give you the freedom to create anything on the walls. It gives the whole room a relaxing vibe and its clean and soft tone won’t reflect light or cause distractions. If you like colors like yellow, marigold is the perfect shade of yellow that can spark joy in your bedroom. Navy is one of the best bedroom wall colors to create a balanced bedroom space. Another popular shade is the dusty rose, mauve, blush pink tones. It will help bring this space together and is also quite light and calming. Any bright color like emerald green or cranberry red is eye catching. It immediately makes you happy just looking at it. What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite color and apply a fresh coat today.
Q. What are some good bedroom themes?
Choosing the right theme for your bedroom can transform your bedroom completely. Here are some of the popular, trending themes for your bedroom. Starting with Eclectic, it's a curated look that combines the right assortment of colors, textures and patterns. This theme has the ability to unify the diverse elements that have been put together. Scandinavian is another brilliant theme or style especially if you are a fan of nature- it brings together raw woods, natural textiles and stone. Coastal is another theme that people mostly request because it’s that style or theme that evokes the breezy vibe of the beach. It focuses on sunwashed shades, natural textures and gives the entire room an airy feel. Bohemian theme is another great theme if you are a free spirited- bold colors, global textiles, there is no one formula that you can stick to. The entire vibe is carefree and is seen in its elements that are used. Mid century modern is a great theme if you are a fan of the mid-1940s to early 1960s. It focuses on functionality, minimalism and organic shapes. Modern farmhouse style combines new with old and rustic. The whole approach is extremely easy going where you are able to create refined and appealing spaces.
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