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Q. When should I start my nursery?
It’s always ideal to start designing and decorating your baby’s nursery around three months before the baby's arrival. The goal is to have a stress free schedule when you take up your nursery project. Last minute changes and additions often may not be favourable. Let’s start with furniture like the crib, It’s advisable to order it pretty early in the pregnancy as sometimes products may take time to get delivered or assembled. Be it wall paint or a colorful wallpaper, try and have this done by 20-25 weeks so all the strong smell caused by the paint emulsion or glue goes away. To ensure this, open up all the windows and have enough air circulation in the room. Choose storage solutions like a dresser and have it installed by 27 weeks and start arranging it in the order of requirement. The other additions can happen when you are 30 weeks into your pregnancy when you are still comfortable moving around. Sticking to this timeline will ensure you are completely ready by 36 weeks
Q. How to design a nursery room?
Designing a nursery can be fun and rewarding at the same time but it’s natural to not know where to begin. First shortlist on the style or the theme you want to design your nursery around, then finalise a palette you want to go with- will it be pastels, will it be neutrals or a bright colored nursery. Follow up this step with the textiles you are going to go for, drapes, bedding and more. Most nurseries are designed around the crib, but that’s incorrect. Designing a nursery holistically will benefit you and your baby more. Decorate your ceiling as babies spend much of the time on their backs. Set up an eco-friendly nursery with plants that improve air quality. Get creative with storage options, a lot of DIY storage solutions will save you a lot of expenses. Other important things to remember while designing a nursery is to not use harsh lighting, to create a sanitation station for diaper disposal etc and to leave enough room in order to include things as babies grow.
Q. How to design a nursery on a budget?
It is possible to design a nursery on a budget. Not everything in your nursery has to be brand new, you can ask your friends/family and curate your nursery with hand me downs. Thrift stores and garage sales are perfect hot spots for excellent second hand nursery furniture. When you are investing in something for the nursery, look for long term pieces. Go with pieces that will grow with your child. Choose low cost storage instead of fancy dressers. A great alternative for fancy wall art are family photographs. This also gives the room a family touch. If you are planning to accessorize the nursery, there are many DIY videos online you will love. Instead of murals or paint, go with wallpapers which you can simply stick and peel when you don't need them.
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