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Chelsey Shoup

My husband and I recently bought lots of furniture that we absolutely love with the intent to add some storage space to our bedroom. The problem is they are all lovely but don’t seem to go with each other. We were beginning to worry if the furniture we just invested in would go for a waste. So we decided to approach professionals to take over.

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Ell is passionate about bringing a home owner’s vision to life and to create a personal space that reflects their personality and attributes. She understands that designing for a home can be stressful. So she offers as much help required in the design phase to help clients make an assertive call.


My Design Brief: A colorful bedroom with extra storage while maintaining a clean look.

We just moved to our new home and decided to set it up, one room at a time. Unlike most people who probably start with the living room, we chose to design our bedroom first. I love the Mid-Century-Modern style, so we went ahead and bought some furniture in that style - A dresser, end tables, and a chair in a light green color. In the same euphoric state, we also painted our room. Once the furniture was delivered, we realized that they didn't match with each other and didn't like the color we painted the room in either. What a bummer! So before we went out and did anything else, like buy the rest of the stuff - bed frame, lights, duvet, curtains, wall art, and cushion we approached Spacejoy to help us figure this out. We've been toying with the idea of moving our fish tank to the bedroom as well. But the big question on our mind was how do we put this all together without being inundated.


Watching Design Experts at Work

Ell drew up the layout of the room and curated a mood board with furniture we already had. It gave us a fair idea of the task at hand and helped in figuring out different layout options.

Designer Notes

I had so much fun designing your Bedroom. As you can see your existing furniture pieces have been incorporated into your two designs to create a mid-century modern eclectic look. In Concept 1, the same room layout was kept, with pops of blue used to freshen up the space. An art deco style bed frame was incorporated to bring some color into the space and a dark blue accent wall was created to contrast beautifully against your existing vintage pieces. In concept 2, a different layout has been created and the nightstands have been replaced to bring additional color and textures into your bedroom. This design features a mid-century modern rug, where teals and blues were drawn into additional design features within the space. I incorporated a faux plant in this design to bring the bedroom to life. We hope you love your designs!


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience my Designs in 3D

To see our actual room in 3D with furniture, old and new, paints a vivid picture of what to expect. Spacejoy’s 3D App is so helpful in making a decision. We picked the 1st concept out of the 2 options presented. We loved the design, but the wall color was the same as our kitchen and wanted to see other options for the rug. We left these comments for Ell, who promptly got back with alternatives for us to consider.

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Photo real images or 3D renders of Chelsey’s Bedroom

Ell was a darling and solved one of our biggest concern of figuring out how to match all our furniture and transformed our room. I especially love the lighting options she’s given us. There are no overhead lights in the bedroom, so the place has to be well lit but only with the help of floor lights and table lamps.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Chelsey Shoup had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

When it comes to interior design, we know what we like, but we have always struggled to bring our vision to life. We decided to give Spacejoy a try, and I’m so glad we did. We couldn’t be happier with how the room turned out – it is exactly the style we were going for but could never quite achieve! The process was so easy and fun, we ended up doing the living room a few weeks later which also turned out perfectly. Both rooms had a few pieces of furniture that we love, so I was thrilled that Spacejoy was able to seamlessly incorporate those existing pieces into the new designs. I can’t stop recommending Spacejoy - I will never paint or buy furnishings for a room again without getting a design from Spacejoy first!

Chelsey Shoup


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