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Catherine Park

We moved into our new house which has a master bedroom. We wanted to invite more of the natural light and incorporate a hint of transitional and boho décor. Window treatments and a dresser were requirements to help keep the space bright, organized, and clutter-free. With a color palette in mind and a few décor pieces I own, I wanted my master bedroom to feel inviting and snug.

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Based in California, Ellysia strives to design unique interiors that have a positive impact on her client’s lives. Ellysia loves all design styles but finds herself drawn to rustic boho spaces the most.


Design Brief

The moment I set foot into my new home, I knew that the master bedroom, with a little help, could become my new favorite place. Since I love transitional décor, I wanted my bedroom to be airy and bright with a boho hint and a simple vibe. I wanted an overall gray tone with pops of color that bring in visual interest. I wanted to fill the empty spaces with functional furniture without making the room feel cramped. And, most importantly I asked for my master bedroom to feel like an oasis with minimal artwork and décor.


Watching Design Experts at Work

For my master bedroom, I had a few pieces and a color palette in mind but didn't know how to bring it together - that’s when my interior designer, Ellysia Applewhite, came to my rescue. Talented Ellysia paid attention to every little detail I wanted. She understood my vibe, and she suggested décor pieces that I likely wouldn't have considered on my own. If I didn’t fancy an item, she would immediately swap it out and give me multiple options to choose from that were within my budget. Her work is brilliant and my experience and connection with Ellysia was outstanding, right till the very end.

Designer Notes

This revised design features a gold round pendant light and a faux green console to house the TV. A 9 x12 rug was included for larger floor coverage making it feel comfy and cozy. The pink accent chair from the previous design has been incorporated into the revision paired with a pink lumbar pillow. Your existing artwork has been placed in black frames.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

When I saw my bedroom in 3D, I was amazed. Not only did this rendering help me make quick decisions, but it also helped me visualize how the décor pieces I chose would look in my space. The overall experience with Spacejoy got me so excited that I couldn’t wait to see my master bedroom come to life.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Catherine's bedroom

There is no better online interior service than Spacejoy. The 3D images were flattering and so-real. I was more than impressed. All I can say is, with Ellysia’s talent and with the support of the entire team, Spacejoy does make your dream vision and style come to life.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Catherine Park had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

When I bought my current home, I already knew I wanted to decorate the master bedroom from scratch. I had some pieces and a color palate in mind but didn't know how to bring it all together. That's when I enlisted the help of Spacejoy and was paired with my decorator, Ellysia. Ellysia listened and understood the vibe I was going for. She suggested pieces that I likely wouldn't have considered on my own in addition to incorporating the items that I had picked out myself. Anything I didn't immediately like, she was able to swap out and gave me multiple options to choose from. Being able to see a realistic 3D rendering of the room was amazing - it made making decisions so much easier. She was able to source items that were within my budget. I did end up buying several of the items suggested for me, but never felt pressured to buy or agree to anything I didn't love. I highly recommend Spacejoy and I'm sure I'll be using their services for future projects.

Catherine Park

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