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Rachel Sachs

I was super excited to step into my very first decorating venture, and I thought, what better way to start than with my entryway. It’s the first thing people see when they enter my home, it’s literally a space for everyone, and I wanted it to have a lasting impression.

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Ell is passionate about bringing a home owner’s vision to life and to create a personal space that reflects their personality and attributes. She understands that designing for a home can be stressful. So she offers as much help required in the design phase to help clients make an assertive call.


Design Brief

We are a pretty big family, two adults, three kids, and a doggo - so the entryway had to be designed in a way that avoided clutter. However, I was pretty clear on the design theme, and it had to be the perfect mix of French Country and Farmhouse. I feel that when combined, these two concepts can create something gorgeous. We have an open floor space, so this area connects to our kitchen, dining room, and sitting room. Hence, the entryway has to be a part of the overall design of the home. One thing that I definitely wanted to include was a big and beautiful mirror right next to the door along with a table or bench - to marry style and functionality. I was also looking for a way to decorate the wall off the stairway in the entrance space. For colors, neutrals, blues, and earth tones were a clear preference, and I didn’t want bright colors like Orange, Purple, Red, or Pink. Nothing against them, but they don’t go with my style!


Watching Design Experts at Work

Ellysia knew just where to begin. She took everything I said into account and immediately started putting together a look. The design was the perfect mix of French country and Farmhouse and it was oh so elegant. The ‘old meets new’ angle to the decor was just what I was looking for. It was rustic and simple, yet impeccably styled with a modern flair. Ellysia used a lot of natural textures and fabrics, which further brought out the Farmhouse and the French country aspect of the design. The design of the entryway was neat and had all the right colors to it. The addition of indoor plants made the entire space pop, and it added a very cool touch to the whole look and feel. However, my absolute favorite? The mirror...oh my god! Just what I wanted. It was a Hub Accent Mirror from all Modern made the entire entryway come alive. The Console Table and the semi-circle bench from Wayfair nailed the brief even further. Ell considered my references from Pinterest and did her best to include some design elements from there. She did a fantastic job of decorating the wall as well, in fact, the photo gallery idea she came up with was even better than what I had expected - I could display all my family pictures, what fun!

Designer Notes

Hi Rachel, Here is your Farmhouse, French Country entryway. Style was kept at the forefront of this design while functionality was also included through incorporating a bench for your guests to place items upon entry into your home. A grand circular mirror accented in black was placed above a farmhouse-inspired console, and the round rug was selected to draw in the blue tones of your home back into the entryway and to incorporate the french country feel. A black and white photo gallery wall was incorporated along the staircase so you can showcase family photos. I hope you love your entryway design.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

Since I was decorating for the first time, the interactive nature of the app was accommodating. It allowed me to get involved in the entire design process. The fact it gives you 3D images of the room that you want to design makes it even more user-friendly - it felt like my entryway was done before it actually was.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Rachel’s Entryway

Ellysia shared the design options with me, post our discussion of the theme and the layout. They looked lovely and I was excited to get started. The information exchange process was extremely smooth, and Ellysia did her best, and then some more to ensure that the process was seamless. The 3D renders were so realistic, and it gave me a good idea about what I could expect before the actual execution started. This helped a great deal as it eliminated any unwanted surprises and got us excited for the real thing.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Rachel Sachs had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

My experience with Spacejoy and Ellysia was terrific. Everything happened just as per plan, and I (read the entire family) was so happy with how the entryway looked at the end of it. It was a learning process for me as well when I saw how all the different elements came together to make something so whole and beautiful. I am excited to show this off to my guests and whoever comes to my home, really!

Rachel Sachs


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