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Sarah Giller Nelson

I live with my husband and my two preteen children in a mid-century modern home, a short distance from the ocean. I wanted to break away from the current colorful aesthetics. Instead, use neutral elements, textures, and colors to transform my bedroom into a chic and calm retreat where I can rest, read, and get dressed for the day.

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Maria loves a good transformation story. Bringing people’s vision for their space to life and watching them swoon is the most satisfying aspect of her work. She believes that adding functional details is a tell-tale of a good design.


Design Brief: A bedroom that focuses on comfort while being absolutely stylish

I shared a detailed note covering all the dos and don’ts with my designer Maria. I wanted a bedroom designed with some pops of white, a whole lot of texture, while being in sync with Modern Scandinavian aesthetics. I knew this wasn’t a straightforward brief to crack. I had tried in the past to find lighting options, furniture, wall décor, and indoor plants that would transform my bedroom while being an accurate description of everything I love. Where I failed, I was hoping Maria would succeed.


Watching Design Experts at Work

Maria drew up a floor plan of my bedroom and conceived a mood board with products that were high on functionality without sacrificing on beauty or compromising on aesthetics. I was expecting to see 2 design concepts from this mood board.

Designer Notes

This mid century modern inspired bedroom incorporates plenty of white tones to offset the heaviness of the wood tones, keeping the space bright yet cozy. A mixture of painted abstract artwork and paper art adds visual interest. Layered throw pillows and blankets keep the bedroom warm even with such a neutral color palette.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

The 3D experience was new. I received a notification that my design concepts were ready on the App. If you like me haven’t had a brush with 3D tech, you’ll be genuinely amazed. To see the hidden possibilities of my room in full view was exciting. After choosing one concept that appealed a little more than the other, I began to review my design. The App is interactive, which means you can move the products you see in your design, swap it with different options if you’d like. I had tried designing the room and didn’t want to be overwhelmed again, so I didn’t try to DIY. I wanted to see some options, though, and promptly left feedback for Maria.

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Initial Design Revision

I told Maria which concept I liked out of the two. We discussed the design in detail. She had used products which I would have never picked up on my own and surprisingly I liked most of them. After sharing some pointed feedback, I requested for some alternative products, specific to the design I selected.

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Photo real images or 3D renders of Sarah's final design

We went back and forth while Maria incorporated my suggestions, and we finally zeroed in on the best version of my bedroom in the budget I had in mind. I am still in the process of shopping for all the products that were featured in my design and can’t wait to see it in actuality once they have all arrived.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Sarah Giller Nelson had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

Maria gave me the Scandinavian minimalist bedroom I had been steadily saving on my Pinterest board. I've been swooning over my design and love the transformation - from a colorful aesthetic to full of neutral elements and textures. I am in the process of buying all the products that Maria recommended buying them one at a time. I knew my brief for the designer wasn't an easy one to crack, but I am pleasantly surprised at how accurate it is.

Sarah Giller Nelson


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