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I wanted a home office that sparks joy because I spend 40+ hours/week working. So a room which is open and airy was definitely in order. It would also be such an advantage if the home office became a spare room that’s comfortable enough to rest in.

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Elle is passionate about bringing a home owner’s vision to life, creating a personal space that reflects their personality and attributes. She understands that designing a home can be stressful so she offers as much help as required to ensure the design process is seamless and an enjoyable experience.


Design Brief

When I moved into my house, I furnished it with functional pieces but put zero thought into the design or aesthetics. This made my whole house less home-y. As I transitioned into working from home full-time, I wanted to tackle my home office as the first project. It’s a beautiful room with clean space and lots of natural light. I wanted this room to be an office that I loved spending the majority of my week in. I wanted the design to be light and airy and take advantage of the natural light. I also wanted this room to be multi-functional. I wanted a space for yoga or at-home workouts and a possible guest room. So the design had to be beautiful and welcoming. I knew I was asking for a lot out of this room and was expecting to have to give up something.


Watching Design Experts at Work

I had used similar companies to SpaceJoy to design other rooms in the house and the difference in experience was night and day from the very beginning. Filling out the questionnaire to get the project started was extremely helpful. It asked questions that I wasn’t even thinking about and showed me how thoughtful this process was going to be. I’m not a creative person and was really nervous about the feedback I was providing. Looking back at my direction - it was definitely all over the place! When I got the notification that my design was ready, I held my breath, not sure what I was going to get. But Ellysia knocked it out of the park - so far out of the park that the park was a dot in the rearview. She designed a room that was beautiful, full of light, and managed to incorporate every single thing on my wishlist from functionality to design and aesthetics. There were minor pieces that I wanted to swap out and Ellysia was able to get me to a final design in the next revision - like magic.

Designer Notes

This Home Office design features a neutral color palette with natural wooden elements warming the space. The outdoors have been brought in through the addition of planters while the space feels comfy, cozy with a plush area rug and a blanket ladder. The office area is defined by floating shelves while the desk and end table allow for storage to keep the desk clutter at a minimum. The end table was also included to house your printer. With this layout, enough space is available for you to practice yoga. We have also included a wall clock above the daybed and incorporated a rice paper artwork to add warmth into the space and to make it visually appealing for when you are on conference calls. Underneath the TV, a small wooden media console has been added which warms the space and allows for organization of cords.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

Viewing the designs in 3D was a fantastic experience in Spacejoy. Being able to get a full 360 degree view of the room with scaled products got me even more excited. In my past design experiences - I’ve had to rely on mood boards or poorly scaled mockups that didn’t end up mirroring the final product.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Nancy's Home Office

The images were so beautiful and really highlighted the design. I was really concerned that the real-life experience wasn’t going to live up to the images Ellysia delivered. Now that my home office is complete - I can confidently say that everything in the images came to life beautifully. All I had to do was order the pieces and place them in the room!

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Nancy had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I never thought that I could have a room in my house that I love as much as I love my new home office. It is so beautiful and welcoming - it makes my work days fly by. Being able to also use it to lounge or workout makes it more than a home office. It’s the space in my house that sparks joy now. Having never properly furnished my house, I have now completed 4 other rooms using Spacejoy and I may never leave this house now. The designers have such a knack for understanding the person they are designing for and being incredibly thoughtful for everything in your life that could contribute to how you use a space in your house. I also loved the catalog of decor and furniture because it was affordable. Other services only show you super expensive pieces but I was able to design on a budget with Spacejoy


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