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Gail Hagenbach

I'm a retired physical therapist, now studying Qigong and mindfulness practices. I love my modest-sized home in the woods with all its wild visitors - as well as the neighbor's sweet dog. So for my studio, I envision it as a nurturing place - peaceful, glowing, inviting. Everything in it is intentional with purpose and meaning. It enfolds you like a soft, cozy blanket or a loved one's hug, and from that safe place, you can expand and soar into creating.

Designed By -

Chloe Lehman

Based in Pittsburgh, Chloe's experience in interior design, merchandising and product development helps her bring a keen eye to her designs. Chloe enjoys designing spaces that are warm, inviting and functional and loves adding rustic touches into her designs.


Design Brief

I needed help to design the space efficiently for my interests. I have four conga drums, one djembe, three dozen small hand instruments, one music stand, and one Latin percussion stand. First, I wanted desk space for writing letters by hand and typing on the computer. Since I am passionate about art, a cozy nook for an easel and my art supplies was essential too. Having a drafting table that I could convert to a wall easel was also a possibility I put across to Chloe. I also wanted space to set up a sewing machine, small tabletop loom, and wood-burning tool, and storage for equipment and materials. It sounds like a hotch-potch I know but I am so thrilled at how beautifully Chloe managed to craft my space. For the exercise corner, I wanted space for a yoga mat and a camera stand with which I conduct online classes. Above all, I wanted the room to be functional enough that it could be converted into a guest space whenever needed, so I requested Chloe to incorporate a comfy oversized armchair or a love seat that converts into a bed. For books, music, textiles, plants, and memorabilia, I proposed a shelf - a floating one, perhaps. I also requested Chloe to remove the blinds on the south-facing window to invite the natural light through. Whew! I needed help! It was a lot to ask of one room, but I believed Spacejoy could do it, and Chloe 'did' see everything to perfection.


Watching Design Experts at Work

To begin, the response I got from Chloe and the team with my revisions was perfect. I wanted so much in this studio, and although I knew deep down that it could be done, I was skeptical. However, after coming across many websites, Spacejoy is the only one that caught my attention. It was indeed love at first sight. Spacejoy is an incredible online interior designing service that is valuable, easy to use, and delivers everything promised. My Spacejoy designer, Chloe Lehman, nailed it! She listened and helped me identify my design style, was patient with numerous requests for revisions, provided detailed notes on her design choices, and found multifunctional furniture that fit my budget and storage needs. Her guidance has saved me tons of time, money, and stress. All in all, I can say that I will be back again to seek help in designing the rest of the rooms in my house.

Designer Notes

I’ve updated the paint color to Tidewater by Sherwin Williams which is a nice in-between of the color selections we had from previous revisions. I found a "stand-in" beige loveseat to represent the furniture you plan to purchase. The piece I selected is 61" wide, so very close. I added in the orange and navy rug which helps pull in some pops of color. Finally, I did update the floating shelves to a new selection as the previous product I had used seems to have been discontinued in the previous color.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

I knew what I wanted in my studio, but I was so thoroughly impressed when I saw my room come to life in 3D. Chloe not only did a perfect job, but she also turned my vision into reality. My trust in her and the rest of the Spacejoy team has truly paid off. The 3D renders made me understand the changes and the new incorporations Chloe had welcomed to make my space feel hygge. And, this was so important in helping me finalize the design!

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Gail Hagenbach’s living room

When the conceptualizing was done, Chloe showed me the 3D renders, and at that moment, I wanted to cry - tears of joy, ofcourse! Chloe invested her time and creativity into this space, turning every inch of the room into a magical nook. The easel placement at the north-facing window to the sewing table at the south-facing window meant no cast shadows on my work, and that’s what I needed. In the end, this room makes me feel so energized and peaceful - a beautiful space that will enhance my life for years to come. Thank you, Chloe, and thank you, Spacejoy. You’ve genuinely lifted my spirits.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Gail Hagenbach had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I wasn't sure how trustworthy an online design service would be. But I wanted to turn a 13 ft x 11 1/2 ft room with a closet into a studio space for painting, percussion, writing, sewing, qi gong practice and an extra sleeping space for a guest - and I had absolutely no idea how to make it work. So after researching various services I picked Spacejoy, and what a great experience! Spacejoy is an incredible platform, easy to use and delivers everything that's promised. Communication is timely and thorough. As for the room design, my Spacejoy designer, Chloe Lehman, nailed it! She really listened and helped me identify my design style, was patient with numerous requests for revisions, provided detailed notes on her design choices and found multifunctional furniture that fit my budget and storage needs. Her guidance has saved me tons of time, money and stress. The final design incorporates a small blanket chest made by my husband and a sewing table made by myself. Mementos from family and friends will be showcased beautifully on the floating shelves. Most of all, Chloe's design provides the best natural lighting. I'm right-handed, and the placement of the easel at the north-facing window and sewing table at the south-facing window means no cast shadows on my work. The room makes me feel both peaceful and energized - a beautiful space that will enhance my life for years to come. Thanks so much Chloe! I appreciate you!! And thanks Spacejoy - I'll be doing another project with you soon.

Gail Hagenbach

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