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Hillary F

My husband and I are musicians. We have two beautiful girls and a pet. We want our living room to be a space where we can relax, spend time with the family, sit by the fireplace, and make lots of memories. We want our room to have a cohesive look, be a little colorful yet not very dramatic, a little warm and cozy all around.

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Lauren Kokenes

Lauren honed her eye for quality furnishings to produce truly unique, polished and highly functional spaces. With a client first approach, she creates stunning designs across all budgets, timelines, styles, and project requirements.


Design Brief

We were moving into a new home with a large but narrow living room. Since our kids are grown-up, we wanted to turn our space into something beautiful and adult-like while still functional and comfortable. My husband and I are musicians while our girls are passionate music lovers! Therefore, it was all the more reason to make our living room feel connected with a hint of personality. We needed our interior designer to incorporate my husband’s mid-century record table and make way for our 100-year-old piano. And voila! What perfection! Besides this, if it weren’t for Spacejoy, I wouldn’t be sitting on top of the world – and credit goes to this gorgeous sectional. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon Spacejoy after researching alternatives to my dilemma.


Watching Design Experts at Work

First things first, I had the pleasure of collaborating with such a fantastic team here at Spacejoy. The questionnaire was effortless and worth every second of my time. The team and Lauren understood the brief so well that they knew exactly what I envisioned for my living room. I wanted my space to feel personal, musical and wanted a room to relax and unwind with the family. At first, we wanted two couches to flank the fireplace, but instead, Lauren chose accent chairs, which were an excellent choice as they didn’t occupy much floor space. In addition, I love how she included my piano and my husband’s record table while also incorporating a durable fabric sectional - filled with contrast pillows adding in texture and color.

Designer Notes

Hi Hilary! Attached is the design for your living room. For the layout of your living room, you'll notice that I swapped out the two duelling sofas for a sectional. Given the depth of the room, this was the best layout to provide the most seating and function to the room. A comfortable sectional, layered with cool and warm toned pillows helps create a cozy environment. We'll place your piano in the corner and the record player behind the sofa. Basic accessories like plants, vases and baskets have really helped make this a family space.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

To view my living room in 3D was a novel experience. So kudos to Spacejoy for being able to do this for their customers. When I saw my room in 3D, I was overjoyed, and couldn't believe my eyes, because it felt like Lauren read my mind and my expressions! Getting a full 360-degree view of my living room with the exact products that would go into it got me thrilled, and I just couldn’t wait to see my room come together in real life. Everything I wanted in my 'musical space' was so beautifully brought together; this is all that I needed at the end of the day.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Hillary's living room

When I saw the 3D images, I was moved. They were so life-like, highlighting my design, that every inch of my living room felt alive. I never did imagine that a 3D could be a replica of what I wanted the living room to be in real life. But, Lauren and the team convinced me to trust the process, and after seeing how my instruments and furniture were placed, I couldn't wait to see the real deal.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Hillary F had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I decided to try Spacejoy because we were moving into a new home with a large but narrow living room. Our kids are old enough now that we wanted something beautiful and adult while still functional and comfortable. The room is 24' x 12 with windows and doors all around and a fireplace. The design we received was incredibly helpful in enabling us to organize the space, selecting the perfect size and color area rug, and finding a sofa that fit the room beautifully. The original design had our record table in it but in the past few months we've acquired another baby grand piano, so that has been moved out! (Side note, my husband and I are both musicians). The only reason we had room for our additional piano is because the original plan we received was so well thought out for movement in the room! We ordered our sofa, the Aspen Tranquil Foam 2 Piece Sectional directly on Spacejoy. The team was so easy to work with and available when I called with questions. I was nervous at first about buying a sofa sectional without trying it first but we couldn't be more happy. Delivery was fairly quick, set up was a breeze, and it's the most comfortable and beautiful sofa we've ever owned.

Hillary F

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