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A light and bright dining room with a touch of hollywood glam

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I just moved into my new home with my partner and my little baby and my dining room was the first project that I took up. We’re both quite busy, so it’s not like we get to spend a lot of time together during the day. So, it would be nice to have a common space, like the dining room, where we could get together a few times and enjoy a meal and some family time.

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Laura is a people’s person. She loves to interact with homeowners and bring their design dreams to life and is passionate about her work and does not hesitate to go the extra mile. Laura is as calm as she is eager - and loves a good design challenge. Her decision making skills are one of her strengths and she loves to work in all the quirks and personality traits of the homeowner to make the space truly their own.


Design Brief

A dining room is a lovely, central place within the house, and it’s perfect for entertaining guests and the occasional dinners with the extended family. I love a little drama, so Art Deco and Hollywood Regency were my design themes of choice. However, it is important to stick to clean lines and sleek finishes as well, typical of modern-minimalist home decor. The dining room was going to be that one place that was both high on style and comfort - a perfect place for the family to unwind and entertain whenever required.


Watching Design Experts at Work

I was open to ideas for the decor. Once I had shared the themes that I was leaning towards, Laura had the wheel, and I was happy to let her steer me in the right direction. Her understanding of what I wanted was comprehensive, and she incorporated all the different design themes and decor ideas to come up with one cohesive design. It was amazing to watch her play with colors - and she stuck to exactly what I wanted - A neutral color palette with blacks & whites along with gold accents. The pops of color that came about through various decor pieces and accessories were just lovely. The room was made to look very warm and inviting with lots of brightness - just what I wanted for the home. Laura even took my design inspirations from Pinterest and managed to incorporate it into the dining room. I loved this part, and now, the dining chairs from Wayfair are my favorite things in the room. The gold accents that came through in subtle ways brought in character and a touch of that Hollywood glam that I wanted, without being too over the top. The room is dotted with statement pieces - The mirror, chandelier, and even the wall art - took the design to another level.

Designer Notes

Hi Ondrea! I had so much fun creating your Dining space! I've kept the room light and bright, pulling in a blonde wood dining table paired with some beautiful upholstered chairs inspired by your Pinterest links! I made sure to bring in several gold accents, including a statement-making chandelier and a large round mirror. I changed your wall color to a cool light grey and added pops of blue throughout the space through the area rug, decorative accents, and pillows.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

Being a first-time user, I was a bit anxious at the start to see how all this would pan out. Whether the design would be like I wanted it to be, what the room would look like finally, and such. Spacejoy, however, ensured that all these were put to rest. The app is fantastic, and you can view your designs in 3D even before you actually buy the products. This viewing in 3D is the best part. You can see your room taking shape in front of you and you can actually make changes along the way. There are no unwanted surprises later on, and you're totally in control from the beginning. The design consultants are not just good; they're absolute experts. So, during this process, they work with you to ensure that your room not only looks like what you want, but better! I loved working with Laura for precisely this reason. She took my design and made it better and I love the Spacejoy experience all the more because of that. Moreover, the app is interactive, engaging, and to be candid - it is a lot of fun to use.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Jade’s Dining Room

After our first few discussions where Laura completely understood my vision and how I wanted my dining room to be designed, she shared 2 options with me. Both options were stunning, and I was amazed to see two different renditions of the same room, both of which were equally beautiful. Color palette, design theme, subtle gold accents, pops of color throughout the room, decor elements, everything - both designs were just right. The 3D renders made the dining room images look so real; I was quite fascinated. After a few changes and feedback sessions, we arrived at the final design, and then we were ready and raring to go.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Jade had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I love my dining room. It's intimate, it's warm, it's got the right amount of oomph and drama, and everyone in the family loves it. I can't wait to have friends and family over so we can all make wonderful new memories there. The dining room has made my house truly feel like a home, given that it's one of those spaces where you spend precious moments together as a family and have good times. Now, when I come back home from work, I can't wait to spend some time there. It's as functional as it's fashionable, and I can't thank Spacejoy and Laura enough for taking the idea of my dream dining room and making it real! Thank you Spacejoy, this experience has been quite amazing, can't wait to work with you guys again.



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