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Nikki Velasco

I work part-time and stay home with the kids the rest of the time. My kids are young and messy. We moved into this house in 2018 and fell in love with every inch of this space. Now we want to make this our "forever home," or at least until the kids go to college.

Designed By -

Lauren Kokenes

Lauren honed her eye for quality furnishings to produce truly unique, polished and highly functional spaces. With a client first approach, she creates stunning designs across all budgets, timelines, styles, and project requirements.


Design Brief

My family and I moved into this home in 2018. My kids are adorable yet young and messy - which is the main reason why I wanted this space in our home to look the best among the rest of the rooms. Since this room is at the entry, my husband and I were unsure about designing a room just for music or converting it into a home office. We have a piano, and as a family, we love the sound of music. I wanted this room to feel homey, personal, cozy, 'clean,' and comfortable with a touch of transitional and classic modern style. When we reached out to Spacejoy, I was elated. I knew that my home was in good hands and that the team would present gold after the project. We met our professional interior designer, Lauren, and believe me when I say this: she read my mind and knew what I wanted in my room. I also expressed my interest in adding a cute sofa or a loveseat to spend time listening to the piano's keynotes, that is: if I decided on converting the space for conversation and music instead of a home office, and voila! In the end, Lauren made a comprehensive choice of incorporating just the right color, light, decor, and furniture for memories and of course only 'music' and no work.


Watching Design Experts at Work

If I have to tell you about my experience with Spacejoy, it will take all day because I've got many good things to add to the list. Firstly, the response I got from Lauren and the team with my revisions was impromptu. I wanted the color of the wall to be changed to Benjamin Moore Winter Lake and the remaining walls to have a Silver Satin with white trim, and Lauren quickly took that suggestion and worked it into my design. For extra seating and to pair with the cozy sofa, I wanted my space to have accent chairs and a statement pouf - to move around with ease, especially when we have guests over. Well, she incorporated that to perfection. I also wanted good lighting within the space and suggested a ceiling light fixture in the middle of the room. Lauren paid attention to all of my wants, tied all these ideas into one, and presented me with a picture-perfect space meant for music, harmony, and family.

Designer Notes

This room features a corner dedicated to music. Accent chairs with a wooden frame and a wooden tray have been incorporated to disperse the warm wooden tones throughout the room creating balance, while a rectangular mirror on the feature wall reflects the carved medallion wood art. A wooden floor lamp contrasts against the wall color. Pops of blue were incorporated throughout the design through the incorporation of an area rug and accent pillows. To keep the space feeling light and bright neutral curtains were added to the space.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

To see your room come to life right before your eyes, you should be really lucky, and that is how I consider myself. So when Lauren spoke to me about the 3D designs, I was excited cause I knew that they would finally bring everything I envisioned to life. The space was filled with warmth and had just the right amount of color. The decor, furniture, and blue accent wall elevated the feel of the room. Looking at the 3D designs also helped me give Lauren feedback and other detailed ideas on what I wanted my space to look and feel like.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Nikki Velasco’s living room

When I took a look at my room, I knew I had to do something with it - either transform it into a musical space or a home office. When the conceptualizing was done, Lauren showed me the 3D renders, and at that moment, I fell in love with what I saw. The piano was placed against the wall, the perfect seating arrangement was created, and to top it all - my room felt so beautiful, clean, and spaced out, that for a moment - I thought I was dreaming. The pops of color, the potted plants, and the accent wall just made the overall room look perfect. I am pleased I signed up with Spacejoy. Lauren and the team have turned my home into a happier place.

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Nikki Velasco had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

I have completed 4 room designs with Spacejoy this past year and I just signed up to do a 5th and 6th room! I am so indecisive and have a difficult time putting furniture, layout, and decor together. Spacejoy has helped me design my home into a space I love! I can't say enough good things about the designer, the process, the communication, and the customer service.

Nikki Velasco

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