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A high-on-style living room that doubles up as the perfect set for shoots!

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Amber Esperaza

I wanted a design upgrade for my living room because we've started filming our Youtube videos here. When it comes to choosing between functionality and style, I have to give more importance to the latter because the room needs to look its part - a fashionable space where we can film our content. Also, we are a big family of two adults, three kids, and two dogs, so the design had to consider this as well - ranking high on the style quotient is excellent, but it just couldn't be something that's too overbearing or that would fall apart quickly.

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Ell is passionate about bringing a home owner’s vision to life and to create a personal space that reflects their personality and attributes. She understands that designing for a home can be stressful. So she offers as much help required in the design phase to help clients make an assertive call.


Design Brief

The most important thing to keep in mind was that this space would also double up as a set. I wanted it to look like a living room, but at the same time, it should also be versatile design-wise to complement our shoots. I also needed one of the walls to incorporate a desk setup. I was willing to experiment with a mix of multiple styles, you know, giving the space an eclectic look. But without jamming it with decor and designs that didn't work well together. A modern-minimalist approach to the decor and accessories that are all about clean lines and sleek finishes is a must. The other aspect that was really important to me was the color of the room. The color palette had to be neutral with Earth tones and a bit of Black & White. I was so particular about this that I emailed Ellysia a color palette to follow. The room would be used heavily for one specific purpose, and the right colors play a crucial role in it.


Watching Design Experts at Work

I was both excited and anxious to see the work start. Ellysia impressed me from the very beginning! The way she communicated was to the point and precise. She was patient, and she took her time to understand my design brief correctly. The design concepts reflected the perfect mix of eclectic and modern-minimalist. The furniture and the decor accessories were not over the top, but very stylish at the same time. I loved how Ell incorporated so many different textures within the room - very eclectic! The Kaegan Grey Area Rug and the throw pillow cover from Wayfair. The mid-century coffee table from Target. The Pari Rattan chair from Anthropologie and the woven seagrass wall decor from Overstock - which I thought was particularly apt - all played their role in bringing the design together. I was amazed to see how every little detail was planned and played out. My desk setup was incorporated as well, and I loved that it did not interfere with the design of the rest of the room. The mirror from All Modern and the mount ladder bookcase from Wayfair added a nice touch to the decor. And a bonus - we got an armchair, a bench, and a sofa as well. What made the experience very personal for me was the fact that Ellysia took into consideration everything from my wishlist. It was the perfect upgrade. The living room, in the end, looked like the perfect studio where I could shoot my Youtube videos, and at the same time, relax with my family if I wanted. It was warm and welcoming, and the design catered to everyone's taste in the house (even our dogs!).

Designer Notes

Hi Amber, Here is your revised living room design. Additional props have been added as close to your color palette as possible to show ways in which you can bring additional color into your space, while still allowing it to be neutral for filming. I hope you love your design.


Using the Spacejoy App to Experience Designs in 3D

I must say the steps involved in the design process were more exciting than anything else. When I got to experience the design option in the 3D Spacejoy App, I was thrilled. It gave me the chance to visualize my living room before getting started on it, which I thought was an essential part of the design process. Based on this, we were able to give feedback and communicate what we required, what was already perfect, and how we could work together to improve other aspects.

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Photorealistic images or 3D renders of Amber’s Living Room

The renders blew my mind - so original and so real - it was the revamp I was looking for! It was like seeing my living room right in front of me. Since the feedback process was so smooth, the options shared by Ellysia were right up our alley. From the two layout options we were given, it was easy to narrow down to the one that we actually loved. Once that step was done, we shared some thoughts on what we wanted to tweak and post one more set of revisions; the design for our living room was ready!

Final Design Renders

100% Happiness Delivered

This is what Amber Esperaza had to say on the final design

Joyous Homes, Happy Customer

When we decided to turn our living room into a Youtube set for filming, we decided to contact Spacejoy for design help. It was the first time we've used them, and we were a little apprehensive because we have used other companies that offer a similar service in the past and were unhappy with the results. I must say that we were blown away by the experience from start to finish. The website and intake process were very user-friendly, and I love that they gave us the option to provide a Pinterest board link, making it easy to share some of my ideas with the designer. Our designer, Ellysia, reached out to us right away and had fantastic communication and customer service skills. When the design options arrived, my expectations were exceeded! They were beautiful, matched our design aesthetic, complimented our company colors, all while working within our budget. I was so pleased that I plan to order their services for three more rooms. As a real estate agent and coach, I will be referring all my clients to this excellent and affordable service.

Amber Esperaza


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