Contemporary Living Room with Neutral Color Palette


Step into the serene elegance of this contemporary living room, adorned with a neutral color palette that exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The space is designed to create a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and cozy comfort. As you enter, your eyes are immediately drawn to the centerpiece of the room, the Unwind 4 Piece Reversible Slipcovered Sectional Sofa from Crate and Barrel. It's plush cushions and sleek design invite you to sink into its embrace and unwind after a long day. Accompanying the sofa is the Byron Round Coffee Table from Pottery Barn, its smooth surface providing a perfect platform for displaying decorative items or resting a cup of coffee. The soft hues of the mini pebble wool jute rug from West Elm anchor the seating area, adding texture and warmth. Illuminating the room with its gentle glow is the Gibson Wood Hanging Arc Floor Lamp with White Shade, creating a cozy ambiance for reading or relaxation. Nestled by the sofa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from West Elm brings a touch of nature indoors, infusing the room with a refreshing burst of greenery. Adding to the comfort and style, the Fitz Green Velvet Swivel Chair from CB2 provides a cozy nook for intimate conversations or solo moments of reflection. Nearby, the Lennon Patterned Pouf from Crate and Barrel is a versatile extra seating option or a convenient footrest. Carefully curated accents and decor pieces elevate the design of the room. Adorning the sofa are the Byzan Ivory Kilim Throw Pillows from Crate and Barrel, with their intricate patterns adding a touch of visual interest, while the Dennet Cotton Lumbar Pillow from Wayfair adds a subtle pop of color. Incorporating natural elements, the space is adorned with various sculptures and vases. The White Wood Knot Sculpture from Crate and Barrel, the Petrified Wood Object on Stand from West Elm, and the Fernando Metal Sculpture from Wayfair infuse the room with artistic flair and a touch of rustic charm. To complete the look, the room features an assortment of potted plants and greenery. The faux potted green trailing succulent plant from West Elm, and the live snake plant in a pot from Wayfair add a vibrant and refreshing touch to the neutral color scheme. In this contemporary living room with a neutral color palette, every element has been thoughtfully selected to create a harmonious and inviting space where comfort meets style. It's a haven of tranquility that welcomes you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

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We decided to give Spacejoy a try and so glad we did. Couldn’t be happier with how our room turned out.

I absolutely loved working with Spacejoy! From the 3D renders to the personalized 1:1 moments working with my designer, the whole experience was great. My designer understood what I wanted and created a design that makes my space look amazing. Can’t wait to work with Spacejoy for the other rooms!


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