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Frequently asked questions about this design style

Q. How can I decorate my kids room?
Decorating a kid’s room is one of the funnest things you can do at your home. Let’s start with the wall colors. Have a finish that is more resistant to marks and scuffs. Chalkboard paint is quite popular and your kids will love it. Remember, neutral paints come with the advantage of longevity. A great alternative for wall paint is a wallpaper or eye catchy murals. Don't make the room look busy by going for all four walls- you can manage to bring out your kids personality by using any 1 wall. Next comes the flooring and we have multiple options there like carpet, wood, vinyl, rubber and laminate. Follow up this window treatments, ensure there is enough sunlight in the room.c hoose the perfect shutter or curtains. Lighting is another important aspect to keep in mind while designing a room. Lights that come in attractive shapes is a huge hit. Night light, bedside light, study lamp become important sources of light. Choose the right bed for your kid, something that is sturdy and warm and comfortable. If you have kids lower than the ages of 12, bunk beds are your best. Storage bed is another wise option to keep all your kids’ clutter away. Other bedroom furniture includes a study area, a mini wardrobe, adjustable shelves and a play area depending on your child’s age.
Q. How do you set up a kids room?
Setting up a kids room can be quite daunting as it depends on several factors. For example, it’s important to keep your child’s age in mind. You will have to cater to their constantly evolving taste. Good amount of light to keep the spirits high, floor space for easy movement and storage area to keep the clutter away act as essentials for any kids room, followed by study area, type of bed, wall color. Do decorate the room with things that can be easily swapped or changed. This will help you to make minor changes as they grow older.
Q. What color to paint a kids room?
Paint your kid’s room in their favourite color if they are old enough to tell you. More than which color to choose from, it’s important to go for a color that’s more resistant and durable. Yellow is a great color, it’s not only bright and cheerful, it will keep the vibe energised. Chalkboard paint is a huge hit among kids, they are going to draw on walls anyway, why not embrace it and provide a better wall. Aqua is another versatile color that keeps the room and vibe of the room calm. Other common colors you can choose from are baby pink, sky blue, mint green, and lilac. Just make sure you are completely sure of the color you are going with as colors have the ability to inspire, excite, soothe and heal.
Q. How to organize my kids room?
Kids room organization is simple. From toys to school works to clothes, things can get messy very quickly and very easily. The first step towards organization is to remove all the stuff from the room you child has outgrown. Follow it up with organizing your toys and clothes, make sure there are clever and strategic storage solutions in the form of a storage bed, a dresser with hutch, desk with drawers, storage benches, bins. Labelling drawers and storage boxes will also help your kids to continue to stay organized. Floating shelves is another alternative to stay organized and keep things off the floor. Once you invest in these storage ideas, you can pretty much use them for their entire teen life and keep the room organized and tidy.
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