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Bedroom Design Ideas

Style A Small Kids Bedroom With These 4 Easy Decor Ideas

We get it — finding kids room ideas is really difficult. Their tastes are constantly changing as they get older, they can be weirdly picky about the strangest things, and finding kids bedroom ideas for small rooms is even harder. It can feel really limiting when you have to accommodate their wants while also making the space ultra-functional so that they can play, do homework, and relax all in the same area. Below, check out a few kids room decor ideas that will help you utilize the most of your kid's space — even if it's tiny. 

Loft The Bed

lofted bed

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An oft-loved technique for making the best use of vertical space, lofted beds are still a tried-and-true way to maximize your child's space. You can theme the bed to look like a treehouse, the upper deck of a pirate ship, or even have a slide coming off of it so they have a fun way to get out of bed in the morning. Use the space underneath for toy storage, a desk, a TV, or anything else that can't fit into the rest of the room. 

Use Wall Decals Instead Of Paint Or Wallpaper

diy washi tape decal

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Kids' tastes are constantly changing, so instead of taking on a giant project like painting or putting up wallpaper, opt for decals instead. In the picture above, they DIY'd the crosses with washi tape, but you can also find completed decals on Etsy. It also makes for a fun project for you to take on with your kid. The best part is that these are easy to remove as your kids' taste changes!

Sub In A Fold-Down Desk

fold down desk

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Your kid will definitely need a spot to color or do homework (depending on how old they are), but desks can take up a lot of real estate that could otherwise be used for storage or play space. Incorporating a fold-down desk (especially one that has storage like this) makes room on the floor for other things. To spice up the fold-down desk even more, paint the bottom (the side that's out when it's folded up) with chalk paint so your kid can draw on it when it's folded up. Voila — instant artwork! 

Add In A Canopy For The Bed

canopy childrens bed

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Though canopies can feel like they take up a ton of space, hanging something on the ceiling to drape over the bed can help the room feel taller. Find one that fits your kid's personality and they can use it to create their nightly reading fort. Our designers love this natural linen canopy from Etsy, it's available in a wide array of colors for that perfect whimsical touch. 


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