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9 Decor Ideas To Create Your Dream Minimalist Bedroom Under $1,000

Minimalist Bedroom Design

Designing a minimalist bedroom can be quite tricky. While most people agree less is more, when it comes to simple bedroom decorating ideas, there are millions of items you can add to the room. Whether you're going for a Japanese-style minimalist bedroom with the bare minimum or going for the modern minimalist bedroom, there's no reason you can't do it on a budget. Ready to design your dream bedroom? Here's how to make it happen, all for under $1,000. Marie Kondo session on how to organize the room, not included. 

Minimalist Bed: Avey Platform Bed ($149.99)

ave bedframe

When thinking of bedroom decor ideas, always start with the focal point - the bed. The most important thing to remember about a minimalist bedroom is that the bed needs to blend in with the decor instead of standing out. We love this platform frame bed that adds a modern touch while also giving you plenty of storage room under the bed to keep your space clutter-free. 

Comforters Gaia Comforter Set ($84.32)

white comforter

Using the right bedding is a simple bedroom decorating idea that can go a long way. When it comes to finding comforters and sheets for a minimalist bedroom, keep it as simple as possible. Monochromatic sets like this one are a great place to start. You can play with blankets or pillow covers if you want to add a pop of color or make a seasonal change to your bedroom decor. 

Minimalist Nightstands: Altus 1 Drawer Nightstand ($51.99 each)


If you're wondering how to decorate your bedroom without making too many drastic changes, use your nightstand to help you set the bedroom up. Find ones that have a double function to help with organizing and putting away your things. Pick a nightstand with plenty of drawers to enable you to keep the area around your bed clutter-free. There are also other bedroom decor ideas to help you go minimal. Keep an open space to showcase your books, decorative accents, and other items in a way that doesn't look cluttered. 

Bedside Lamps: Kaul 20" Table Lamp ($24 each)

beside table lamp

The tabletop of your nightstands is sacred. Minimalist bedrooms don't have piles of items cluttering this area. The same goes for your bedside lamps. Choose a simplistic, seamless design. We especially love these two lamps. They make for a great modern bedroom decor idea—a playful combination of contemporary and cozy. You can also play with the lampshades to add a pop of color or texture to the bedroom. 

Minimalist Dresser: Pannell 8 Drawer Double Dresser ($225.99)

8-drawer dresser

Besides the bed, your dresser is another focal point, so make sure you take them into account while looking for bedroom decor ideas. More than aesthetics, you must find a dresser that helps you keep everything organized. If closet space is limited, find a dresser with at least six to eight drawers to help you store away blankets, sheets, heavy coats, jackets, and more. 

Minimalist Rug: Marcus Abstract Handmade Tufted Light Gray Area Rug ($52.99)

abstract grey area rug

It's easy for a modern minimalist bedroom to look out of space and context. An area rug helps pull everything together and mark the space of your bedroom. Find one large enough to frame the bed. Then, plan your furniture around the margins of the rug to ensure everything is centered and symmetrically distributed. 

Staple Piece: Plainville Free Standing Full Length Mirror ($112.99)

full-length floor mirror

While on the hunt for simple bedroom decor ideas, don't forget that every minimalist bedroom, whatever the look and feel, has one thing in a common-a statement piece. In most cases, this staple piece is a full-length floor mirror. Why? These pieces can instantly expand a room, making it look more spacious. Not to mention, floor mirrors with sleek frames have this indistinct modern and simplistic feel that pairs well with the minimalist aesthetic. 

Minimalist Accent Chair: Marshallville Dining Chair ($153.99)

Accent chair

If your bedroom is spacious enough to fit an accent chair, please add one. Having a tiny reading nook or a space to relax beyond the bed can be life-changing. Not surprisingly, most bedroom decor ideas recommend adding an accent chair to fill space and act as a design focal point. This is a bedroom decor idea that you must take note of. Even an empty corner that could do with some attention might look complete with an accent chair.

Wall-Art: Wozniak 'Corrigan Studio' - Picture Frame Graphic Art Print ($38.99)

Picture frame graphic art print

Last but not least, make sure you still include your personality in your minimalist bedroom. A great way to do this is by adding wall art frames with color or playing with textures and patterns in the same color palette as the rest of your decor. We love these Scandinavian abstract prints that have that modern aesthetic and intriguing look to them. 

Total Spent: $971.15

*prices are subject to change.

With some key pieces, everyone can create a minimalist bedroom under $1,000. If you want to design your bedroom online, start a project today. At Spacejoy, our interior designers will find the absolute best minimalist decor pieces to complete your bedroom dreams.

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