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Spring Home Decor Ideas for Your Spring Loving Soul

Bedroom with bold wall paper for Spring

Nothing says spring more than flowers. Luckily for us decor lovers, it is the season for fresh blooms and a great excuse to spruce up our home with all things bright and cheery. While a complete interior overhaul isn’t necessary, we’ve put together a list of things you can do in your home to celebrate the season. Read on to find out how you can ring in spring.


Florals for spring home decor

Flowers in Creative Vases

One of life's simple pleasures is picking out fresh flowers from Trader's Joe. Fresh flowers in creative vases, is one of our favourite decor tips. It's timeless, and we will never get tired of handing them out even though it sounds so basic. It adds an instant pop of color to the room and makes it look like a whimsy summer day. 
Here is a quick tip for buying fresh flowers at the grocery store - Always ask the florist to point you to flowers that have freshly arrived and heard them whisper a best-kept secret.  While at the fish market, don't we always ask for fresh fish? This is exactly like that. Flowers can be a splurge, and it's a bummer when they don't last long. 


pastel living room for spring

Pretty Pastel Color Palettes

Pastels are the season's way of celebrating the fresh blooms in your garden. Pick a nice pastel rug or switch up your pillows for cool pastel covers to bring the colors of the season into your house.  If you want to keep it simple and muted, you could also opt for a pastel sofa and keep the rest of the room neutral.


Minimal living room

A Little Bit of Spring Cleaning

Spring is synonymous with cleaning.  It is the season to bring in the sunshine and rid the gloom and dreariness of the winter season. Sort, donate and toss away all the unnecessary extras in your house. While this helps you clear out the clutter, it’ll also help you rewire the decor settings in your space to create something new.


Bedroom in pastel colors

Light and Breezy Curtains

Remove those heavy curtains from the dreary winter and replace it with nice summer sheers. Curtains are a quick and inexpensive way to switch styles for the season. Sheers bring in the breeze and do not stop the sunlight from entering your room. It’s a good way to welcome the sunshine and also keep up with the trends of spring. Once the season is over, you could switch back to your heavier curtains.


Home office space with indoor plants and natural lights

Let Natural Elements Take Over

Let the carefully curated pieces of nature inside your home celebrate the thriving season outside. Add some greenery throughout your home. Made sure to keep an eye out for faux florals that look more natural or real greenery that can thrive inside your space. If you’re not crazy about having too many plants inside your room, you could also consider terrariums. They add a vibrant natural touch to the room without occupying too much space. 


Light and airy modern living room for spring

You don’t need too much of an investment to keep up with the changing seasons. Put your creative mind to use and to incorporate spring elements into your life without doing a full overhaul of your home. We hope you find these suggestions helpful.

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