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Follow These 6 Ideas If You Want to Organize Your Bedroom In Less Time

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When searching how to organize your room, you'll find that all organization tips have to do with closet organization, using furniture as storage, and making sure the space looks clutter-free. Listen, you don't have to be Marie Kondo to keep your bedroom organized. As long as you follow these quick tips, your room will be a delightful oasis of calmness and organization. 

1. Use the Space Under Your Bed

Underbed Storage Bags
If you have a small bedroom, you must maximize your storage space, and that includes under your bed. Having a set of these Rebrilliant Foldable Underbed Storage Bags can help you keep everything under control. Use the bags to store things like extra bed sheets or large and heavy winter clothes, for example. When you don't have storage space in the closet or the linens room, having these bags under your bed can help you optimize your closet space.

2. Keep Everything Clutter-Free with Baskets

Tapered Decorative Storage Basket

Blame Marie Kondo or Joanna Gaines, but decorative baskets are having a moment right now. Capitalize on this trend and add a few baskets to your bedroom decor to help you stay organized. For example, this Threshold Coiled Rope Square Base Tapered Basket is perfect for storing away extra blankets, books, pillows. But, you can also keep one by your closet to keep your yoga mat and gym accessories ready to go. Explore how you can incorporate baskets within your bedroom style to help you declutter in seconds. 

3. Invest in Drawer Organizers

Foldable Drawer Dividers

When it comes to how to organize your room, your drawers play a considerable role. Ideally, everything you see should be tidy up. If your bedroom space seems clutter-free, but the moment you pop open a drawer, it's complete chaos, all the serenity and peace will vanish. To avoid this, invest in some drawer organizers. We love this Zimtown Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers that you can mix-and-match until you find the right set for each drawer.

4. Take Advantage of Your Nightstand Storage

Three Drawer Nightstand

Yes, you have a dresser and a closet. However, somehow there's always a mess by your nightstand. We keep a lot of things by our bedside. Books, laptops, phone chargers, night lamps, lotions, and so on. All of these items can quickly pile up by our bedside and instantly make the space look crowded and messy. When choosing your nightstand, pick one with enough storage space to keep the things you need handily organized. We love this mid-century side table by Westelm. The three drawers make them perfect for storing away tech items, nightwear, and other pieces that might not fit in your closet.

5. Don't Forget about Footboard Storage

Storage Ottoman Bench

If you have room, don't forget about footboard storage. Using a storage ottoman or a storage bench by the end of your bed can help you maximize your bedroom. Use a piece like the Adeline Nail Head Upholstered Storage Bench to keep extra pillows, blankets, bedsheets, and other bulky items stored away. Not only will your bedroom have a more upscale look, but it will also help you keep everything organized.

6. Use Your Vertical Space

Wall Shelves

We know not everyone has a spacious room. For those with tiny bedrooms, vertical storage is all that counts. Use wall shelves to help you maximize your organization. Use a wall shelf like this one by Kate & Laurell to hang coats, purses, jackets, hats, and more. These are great storage ideas to add by the entryway of your bedroom, so you can walk in and instantly set everything where it belongs. You can also use shelves to organize your books, craft supplies, and so on. Plus, wall shelves are a great focal point to add decorative elements that showcase your personality and infuse the bedroom with your interior design style.

7. Keep Blankets on a Rack

Coastal Casual Bedroom

If you're a blanket hoarder, finding enough storage space for them can be challenging. However, you can make them part of your decor. Use an old blanket rack or a staircase bookshelf to hang the throws and blankets. Not only will this help you keep your bedroom clutter-free, but it will also add a cute decorative element to your bedroom. We love the Teak Ladder from Crate and Barrel for a rustic and simple look that is still useful and practical.

8. Get a Laundry Basket

Seagrass Divided Hamper with Liner

While a laundry basket doesn't necessarily scream high-end decor style, it is a must-have item for staying organized. We say that you should splurge a little bit and get one that looks decorative and it is still functional. We adore the Seagrass Divided Hamper with Liner from Pottery Barn. It is part beautiful and part useful. We all know how quickly our bedroom can look like if our closets just explored when we aren't naturals at organizing. Keep this basket by the closet or the bathroom to prevent clothes from spilling out all over your bedroom and making the place look anything but organized. 

9. Have a Trash 

Cade Slim 5 Gallon Waste Basket

We don't think about getting a trash can for our bedroom, but we have a lot of clutter in our rooms. Small good-looking garbage can like the one from Wayfair can help the bedroom stay cleaner. It's the perfect spot for throwing away scraps of paper, tissues, and other small trash items that sneakily made their way to the bedroom. Look for a small trash can hat you can discreetly hide beside a dresser or under your nightstand. 

10. Reimagine the Bar Cart

Multifunction Organizer TrolleyThink about the type of things you have around in your bedroom. Many of us have things like beauty products, makeup, glasses, and so much more stuff that can quickly clutter. Instead, keep everything tidy up with a multifunctional trolley or bar cart with wheels. It is small enough to hide away in a corner and has enough space to help you organize books, products, blankets, and much more. An organizing trolley is a fabulous addition to a small or tiny bedroom that has very limited space for big dressers and spacious nightstands. 

When you’re ready, start a project today so our interior designers can help you find the perfect pieces to help you keep your bedroom organized. 

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