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Best Neutral Paint Colors To Use For Your Living Room

Once the neutral wall paint colors that were deemed to be boring are now known for their versatility. They not only ensure that your home always dawns a timeless look but also help you change your style over time with minimal hassle. Today, grays, whites and beige are your go-to color options at any given time! 

Here, our designers share their favorite neutral paint colors for the living room, to give it a timeless look. 

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

When the Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore is complemented by the natural light that the room receives, it gives a sense of airiness to the room. Soft furnishings and natural light wood pieces add a sense of balance to the room when paired with the Classic Gray wall color.


Rice Grain by Sherwin-Williams

The Rice Grain wall color by Sherwin-Williams when combined with black metal accents gives the living room a farmhouse feel. The neutral-toned furniture when combined with the Rice Grain wall paint inspires calm and tranquility.


Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams

The Alabaster wall color by Sherwin-Williams gives the living room a beachy-coastal feel when combined with neutral-toned and rattan furniture. The windows allow lots of natural light to seep in, giving the room a sense of airiness.


Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

The Conventry wall color by Benjamin Moore keeps the room neutral, uncomplicated, and clean. The window walls allow lots of natural light to seep in, when combined with the gray wall color, it keeps the room airy and bright at all times.


Balanced Beige by Sherwin-Williams

The Balanced Beige wall color by Sherwin-Williams lends a cozy and comfortable look to the room. The neutral furniture pieces when combined with the beige color, allow the fireplace to become the focal point, and also make the room look spacious at all times.


Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

The Revere Pewter wall color by Benjamin Moore offers this modern living room an earthy vibe. The window walls allow lots of natural light to seep in, making the room appear brighter. The dark-toned furniture beautifully contrasts with the wall color giving it a modern look.

While we do love all these neutral colors, it is important to know how to style them in your space. Check some more design ideas to see how you can use neutral colors for your living room.

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