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7 Favorites From Pottery Barn's Summer Collection (& Their Cheaper Dupes)

Pottery Barn just released their new summer collection, and it has us drooling over the endless possibilities for modern farmhouse decor. But it's no secret that PB pieces run up a pretty hefty price tag, so we tapped some of our designers to select their favorite pieces from the collection — as well as some comparable dupes (at insanely low price points). Check out all the selects below. 

1. Pottery Barn Westan Dining Chair ($249) vs. Safiveh Blanchard Black Wood Dining Chair ($130)

Westan Dining ChairBlanchard Black Wood Dining Chair (Set of 2)
Pottery BarnHome Depot

"This chair [from Pottery Barn] is perfect for the modern farmhouse look," says Spacejoy designer Marisa. It's a universally flattering chair that can be paired with any type of dining table, significantly if your vibes fall in the modern farmhouse category. 

If you're looking for a farmhouse-inspired black wooden dining chair and are on a bit of a budget, this one is worth investing in. It doesn't have the unique negative space shapes that the Pottery Barn chairs do. They still have a similar overall shape. And for the price, you really can't beat it. 

2. Pottery Barn Fenton Leather Chair ($499) vs. Kirkland’s Black Leather Weave Chair ($230)

Fenton Woven Leather Accent ChairBlack Leather Weave Chair
Pottery BarnKirkland's

This unbelievably chic accent chair will fit any modern home, especially if your tastes lean more mid-century. Its wide seat and low height make it a perfectly comfy lounging spot in your living room. 

At less than half the Pottery Barn piece’s price, this one from Kirkland's is such a steal. It does have a slightly different silhouette, making it feel more appropriate for a boho living room or modern farmhouse theme (primarily thanks to the lighter stain color). 

3. Pottery Barn Livingston Wood Bookcase ($1468-$1568) vs. Target 72’’ Carson 5 Bookshelf with Doors ($180)

Livingston 35" x 81" BookcaseCarson 5 Shelf Bookcase with Doors
Pottery BarnTarget

Spacejoy designer Cassandra says, "I like this because it gives both open and closed storage options. You can display books, artwork, or decor while also having the option to store away any additional items such as files." 

If you're looking for a more cost-effective option that still offers the same functionality as the piece from Pottery Barn, look no further than this bookcase from Target's line Threshold. It has the same charming finish as the PB one, and its overall appearance is more modern, so it'll fit in a variety of spaces, even as your tastes change over time. 

3. Pottery Barn Dayton 42.5’’ Sideboard Buffet ($499) vs. Carson Carrington Horsens Mid-Century Buffet ($142)

Dayton 42.5" Sideboard BuffetCarson Carrington Tabo Media Console
Pottery BarnCarson Carrington

This beautiful mid-century modern console is a lovely multitasking piece of furniture. Use it as a bar, storage, entry table, bedroom accent, or anything else you can think of. The wood’s chevron design makes it a statement piece, but it can be an investment that will stay with you through many variations of your living room. 

This piece ticks all the boxes that the Pottery Barn one does, but at less than a third of the price. It offers ample storage space, exceptionally versatile, and has a beautiful wooden finish that will stand out in any room. 

4. Pottery Barn Livingston 72’’ Peninsula Desk ($1,600) vs. Highland Dunes Leslie Desk ($500)

Livingston 72" Peninsula DeskPeninsula Desk
Pottery BarnHighland Dunes

"I like this because it offers seating for two without taking up more floor or wall space," says Spacejoy designer Sarah. It comes in a variety of colorways, has ample storage space for books and other office supplies, and you can either place it parallel or perpendicular to a wall to ensure that it can accommodate two people comfortably.

While this desk doesn't have the same regal stateliness as the Pottery Barn one, it offers many of the same perks. It has a rustic finish that would look beautiful in a modern farmhouse living room or office and has plenty of storage space for books and files. Plus, you can fit two people at it if you place it perpendicular to the wall.

5. Pottery Barn Reed Upholstered Swivel Armchair ($799-$1,299) vs. Target Berwick Barrel Swivel Chair ($350)

pottery barn chairbarrel chair
Pottery BarnTarget

When you’re looking for a sleek and modern statement piece to add to your living room, this swivel chair from Pottery Barn hits every checklist. “What I love the most about this chair is that even a small space can have its relaxing lounge spot,” says Geraldine, one of Spacejoy’s writers. It’s the perfect accent chair to fill an empty corner in a living room or serve as a comfortable reading nook in a bedroom. 

Luckily, you can find plenty of affordable swivel chairs that still bring a lot of wow factor. Take, for example, this one from Target. It’s the perfect modern chair to add to your living room. But even better, they’re an ideal size (and budget) for you to add two of these chairs as accent pieces in your living room layout. 

(Pottery Barn) (Pottery Barn) 

6. Pottery Barn Handmade Mango Wood Vases ($149-$199) vs. West Elm Tall Genie Bottle & Mango Wood ($70)

pottery barn wood vasewest elm wood vases
Pottery BarnWest Elm

Of course, spending a fortune on decorative accents that work best on specific seasons isn’t for everyone. But, these similar styles from West Elm will cut. It is also made from mango wood. You’re still going to get that same rustic effect. However, the natural, distressed whitewash finish makes these perfect for year-round use. Simply swap the dried flowers or blossoms you add to it as the season changes to make these vases a staple in your home decor for decades to come. 

7. Pottery Barn Hardy Leather Dining Chair ($399) vs. Crate & Barrel Laredo Brown Leather Dining Chair ($269)

leather dining chairdining chair
Pottery BarnCrate & Barrel

No summer collection would be complete without outdoor dining options. In their summer lookbook, Pottery Barn delivered a striking minimalist outdoor dining collection with coastal vibes. Beyond the dining table, it was the minimalistic yet impactful dining chairs that stole those shows. These leather and metal chairs created the perfect contrast to the natural wood of the table and the natural accents added as centerpieces. 

A more affordable alternative is these lookalike brown leather chairs from Crate & Barrel. They are very similar styles with a more rustic aesthetic, perfect for more traditional houses or anyone looking to create a contrasting look in their rooms. These work perfectly for outdoor areas or indoor dining rooms that want to exude a more modern and audacious look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Pottery Barn to look for less?

To get the Pottery Barn to look for less, you have to focus on layering colors and prints. Paint your home’s accent walls with saturated colors like a dark navy blue or deep gray layer dark purple. Then, leave the rest of the walls with a neutral base in white or creamy yellow undertones if you want a touch of color. Finally, look for more affordable retailers with an aesthetic similar to Pottery Barn without the hefty price tag. 

What’s similar to Pottery Barn?

Many furniture stores have a similar aesthetic to Pottery Barn; some of the most popular ones include:

  • Crate & Barrel
  • Restoration Hardware
  • West Elm
  • World Market
  • HomeGoods
  • Wayfair
  • IKEA

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