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Our Favorite Art Prints from Society6 to Dress Up Your Space

Gallery Wall Boho Eclectic Living Room

When it comes to decorating your home, wall art is the most crucial aspect of your interior design. Gallery walls, oversized art or just a piece that really speaks to you can change the feeling of a room. Our designers believe that every space would benefit from an additiona of wall art. Instead of looking at your walls as an afterthought, start thinking about different ideas to decorate your walls. Otherwise, you'll be missing out on a fantastic design opportunity. When you choose your wall art decor more thoughtfully, you can set the tone for the entire room. 

To give you a bit of a head start, we rounded up some of our favorite art prints from Society6 to help you dress up your walls and get the space ready for the summer. 

Give Yourself a Break Art Print ($21.99)

Give yourself a break art print

Set the room's tone and add a splash of color to your wall with this bright art print. Perfect for anyone working on a gallery wall that they want for inspiration. We love this print to hand over our home's office desk for a very important reminder. 

Blue Nude by Henri Mattise Art Print ($18.99)

blue nude art print

If you're looking for a minimalistic, boho-inspired aesthetic, this is a must-have art print. Perfect to incorporate it by the living room or entryway area; it will add just the right amount of color without overpowering the rest of the decor. 

Soft Shapes I Art Print ($26.99)

soft shapes art print

When you're looking for a decorative piece that exudes serenity and peace, you need to find some abstract shapes in soothing, almost bohemian color palettes. This one is perfect for hanging over your nightstand or your bedroom's dresser. 

Sun, Mid-Century Modern Kids Wall Art ($21.99)

mid-century kids wall art

At Spacejoy, we're always talking about how your baby's nursery doesn't have to be strictly baby-themed. Use a contrasting wall art piece like this one that will add a touch of color, and most importantly, it will grow with your child as they move to other stages of their lives.

She Is Fierce Art Print ($19.99)

she is fierce art print

We are calling all the fierce ladies in this blog. Use your wall art to showcase your personality and who you are. This art print is perfect for hanging in your office, by your bathroom, or having a small makeup vanity set up in your bedroom. 

Find Art Everywhere Version 02 ($18.99)

find art everywhere

Not everything has to look like an elaborate painting. Sometimes, something as simple as this piece of art can give your walls the right amount of pizzas. We love this one to go in the guest bathroom, for example. 

Lemon Branches Art Print ($26.99)

lemon branches art print

Head over your kitchen. Is there anything on the walls? Most likely, your answer is no. We often neglect to decor our kitchen walls, and we're missing on a huge opportunity there. Add some art prints to one of the main walls to set the stage and tone for your kitchen's atmosphere. 

Terracotta Pastel Art Print ($18.99)

terracotta pastel art print

When you're trying to create a bohemia, mid-century inspired home, you have to get creative. Here's an art print that masterfully captures the essence of both styles. Keep this by the entryway or framing your living room's couch. 

Mid-Century Modern Sun & Rainbow Art Print ($24.99)

mid-century art print

If you want your home to scream mid-century, add this style or art prints to your walls. It's perfect for any space of your home, but particularly striking if you place them in the dining room area or living room. Or, you can even pair them with the previous print to start creating your little gallery wall. 

Plant Lady Art Print ($31.99)

plant lady art print

Are you a plant parent at heart? Then, showcase your love for greenery with this art print. Perfect for adding a symbolic touch of color to your living room, entryway, and maybe even your kitchen. 

Feeling Inspired?

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