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8 Interior Design Trends For Summer Of 2021

There's something so distinctly beautiful about summer decor. Those breezy fabrics, muted color palettes, natural fibers, and boho influences associated with the season make it feel like you're bringing the sunshine indoors. And though it might feel like the style is purely seasonal, there are a few ways you can incorporate summer design trends into your year-round decor. 

Check out the latest interior design trends that'll also help you preserve that summery vibe in your home for the rest of the year.

1. Bring On The Blues

Blue Living Room Accent Wall

The color of bright summer skies and sandy beaches, if summer had a color, we're willing to bet it would be a beautiful blue. It's no wonder the who's who of interior designers voted this color as one of the top summer interior design trends for 2021. 

We recommend using richer blues as an accent wall in your living room or trying lighter blue linens and decor pieces paired with a white backdrop to give your space that graceful Grecian vibe. 

If you're a minimalist at heart, pops of bright cobalt blues can bring in a bit of vibrancy to your room. Incorporate this sunny hue into your decor as a constant reminder of clear skies and the sun on your skin.

2. The Minimal Way

Minimal Dining Room Decor

This isn't the first time minimalism has been featured as an interior design trend, and it sure won't be the last! When minimalism first started gaining popularity, the style was all about clean lines, seamless structures, and a stylishly simple design. 

However, interior designers have been building on the more prosperous minimalism of late to take a more meaningful design that is clean yet functional. Minimalism is more than just empty, open spaces. It is continually evolving to play with sunlight, natural greenery, pops of color, and more. 

A minimal design will ensure that even in the dead of winter, when the sun decides to grace you with her presence, the light will shine through, giving you a glimpse of the summer to come.

3. Keep It Neutral

neutral spacejoy living room

White, ivory, pale gray, and beige are all colors usually associated with summer beach homes. But, neutral colors are gorgeous all year round, which is why they're one of the biggest interior design trends for 2021. 

The thing about neutrals is that they give you an excellent backdrop for whatever color scheme you want to switch over to as time goes by while also holding your own with ease. White couches and gauzy drapes never go out of style, and taupe-y shades of gray and beige work exceptionally well for bedroom decor on your headboard or nightstands. 

If you want to incorporate a bit of color into your decor at any given point, it becomes relatively straightforward. All you have to do is switch out accents like throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and vases as your tastes keep evolving. Your neutral furniture will do a beautiful job of providing the backdrop for those hues.

4. Making A Statement With Color

Statement Pieces For Decor

This current interior design trend is making a big comeback in the summer of 2021. With more and more people opting for an open space layout and minimal design, the popularity of bold statement pieces has been steadily growing. 

It makes for a great focal point while also putting your quirky tastes on display. Your guests are sure to feel like they know you a little better after a visit to your home, and isn't that what the beauty of the interior design is? Get yourself a stand-out piece and let it be the conversation starter with family and friends alike.

5. Add More Natural Elements

Greenery For Your Home

When it comes to summer interior design trends, this one is timeless! Of late, people are becoming obsessed with being plant moms and dads. There's something so incredibly enriching about the experience of helping a plant grow. 

Luckily, greenery is a big part of boho decor. Incorporating plants and succulents into your decor can be life-changing. We recommend going for the real thing, unless you want to keep up with seasons and trends, in which case, faux plants might be better suited to your needs.

A fir tree sounds more appropriate for winter than a fiddle fig leaf, don't you think? You can easily swap out your plants according to the season, and with faux plants looking more real by the day, they're a no-brainer.

6. Use Breezy Fabrics

airy spacejoy bedroom design

Light, airy fabrics are usually associated with seasons when you can keep the windows open, but it's easy to keep those textures on display year-round. The easiest way to do this is with your curtains and throw blankets. Pick out pieces made of lighter material like linen for your throw blankets so that they provide the warmth you need while still looking casually draped over your couch. 

For curtains, look for fabrics like cotton voile, flax linen, sheer silk, or something similar to get that breezy feel in your home, no matter the time of year. Here's a tip. You can never go wrong with sheer curtains. They bring a bright airiness to a room, making it look more spacious and clutter-free, in a way.

7. Opt for Natural Wood

neutral living room with rattan

Rattan, cane, wicker, and other wood of similar hues can make any space feel bohemian and summery. Boho decor is most closely associated with the summer season, but we're here to tell you it works all year round.

These natural elements' light hues bring elegance without the heaviness and gravitas commonly associated with deeper, richer woods. This means you can easily incorporate a minimal design into your home using lighter wooden elements like rattan or cane and still maintain that airy, spacious feel.

The style includes both of the trends listed above, so it's easy to keep the same furniture and other decor pieces throughout the year.

8. Let The Sunshine In

living room with lots of light

One of the best parts of summer is the natural light coming into your space. The most significant interior design trend for the coming year is homes featuring plenty of natural light, so interior designers worldwide recommend it. 

While it may be challenging to achieve this if you don't own the space you live in, you can always maximize the light coming in by keeping your windows open or using sheer curtains. If, however, you do own the space you're living in, opt for prominent windows to ensure that your area is constantly flooded with natural light. 

Big windows help bring all of the sunshine in, even if it's limited during the summer months. If you're renting your space, opt for lights that mimic natural sunlight to make your area feel cozy. Warm, fuzzy bulbs can imitate the feel of daylight so that your room always feels bright, even in the dead of winter.

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