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Simple DIY Decor Ideas to Ring in Spring

With extra time available right now, we have been itching to make something with our hands. While we’ve enjoyed binging new Netflix shows, we’re ready to put some of this extra time to use.  We turned to some of our favorite DIY bloggers to gather ideas and inspirations. Here are four simple ideas we’ve bookmarked to try.

Make a Marbled Planter 

We saw this tutorial on Joy Cho's popular blog, "Oh Joy". We were immediately struck with envy and knew we had to share.  It's fun, easy to do, and needs minimal materials. Plus, aren't we all thinking of adding some greenery indoors? This planter makes for the perfect accouterment.

You'll need -

A planter (of course), a plastic bin, water, nail polish in different colors, and a bamboo skewer.

DIY how to make a marbled planter

  How to

  • Fill 3-4" of the bin with water

  • Onto the surface of the water, pour the nail polish, and stir  slightly with the bamboo skewer

  • Now, dip the planter in water + nail polish concoction and carefully spin it. Remove and leave it to dry! It's easy and also exciting as you get to create unique patterns

  • Now try this with another color of nail polish

Catch the full tutorial on Oh Joy 

Dried Flower Ring Wreaths

Looking for colorful wreath ideas? We noticed this gem on Geneva's blog, “Collective Gen,” and knew it would lift your spirits. A quick Trader's Joe's trip to bring back your favorite blooms or an Amazon purchase for faux blooms will bring together this DIY. This DIY is also a great place to use any dried up flowers.  

This DIY is a great starting point for your arrangement and layout. We know, regardless of the design you choose, it’s going to look amazing and provide the perfect seasonal touch to your home.

You'll need -

Dried flowers of any assortment, faux flowers or fresh flowers, an old embroidery ring or a metal hoop. If you have none of that, you can twist a couple of branches in a circular shape and fasten it: scissors and a sturdy thread or ribbon to hang. 

How to

  • Lay the flowers out on your ring and experiment with the arrangement – symmetrical, big, one-sided, small or all the way around. You'll soon find out that regardless of how you arrange them, they'll look great. That's the beauty of flowers 

  • Arrange the flowers in a posy and maybe weave in some leaves for contrast and secure it with a wire or thin twigs

  • Work your way through the entire ring and hang it with a ribbon. 

Catch the full tutorial on Collective Gen

DIY Cane Lampshade 

We loved this DIY the second we saw it on Hunker. A major spring trend is to keep your home light and airy. This DIY delivers a unique place to show your creativity.

You'll need -

A cane webbing (available on Amazon). A lampshade frame from an existing lamp. Hot glue gun and glue gun sticks, scissors and raffia ribbon (also available on Amazon)

Hanker Lamp Shade DIY

How to

  • Measure the height and the diameter of the frame. Add an extra 2 inches to both measurements and cut your cane webbing to size

  • Use the hot glue to adhere sections of the cane webbing to the frame. Repeat the same exercise on the other side of the frame as well

  • When the glue has dried up, cut the excess cane webbing. Now cover this by gluing the raffia ribbon

  • You now have a brand new lampshade in this season's favorite material cane.

Catch the full tutorial on Hunker

Dried Grass Wall Frame

A good print is great for the wall but sometimes a space calls for something more. When we saw this idea on Fall for DIY’s blog, we knew this would be a great Spring DIY project.

You'll need -

A clear frame, raffia ribbon, glue gun, dried grass, and an invisible thread.

How To

  • Cut the stalk of your grass to size. Don't cut the plumes.

  • Bring several pieces together to form an arrangement and secure them with the raffia ribbon.

  • Run two long pieces of invisible wire over the back in an X configuration

  • Secure the arrangement on the X, using the hot glue gun

  • Last step, seal the frame. 

Catch the full turorial on Fall for DIY

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