Dining Room Design Ideas

Upgrade Your Dining Experience With These Simple Dining Room Ideas

Your dining room does more for you than any other room in our house, and it is often the most neglected space in it. Some of the reasons being: a) we have kids, and it's challenging to keep the space nice, b) our place is tiny, and it's hard to design it well c) we don't entertain much, so just why?

And in response, we have a) kid-proof dining rooms that can be stunning, b) Here are some incredibly chic small dining room ideas to prove our point c) eating and enjoying food is a festivity that can be enjoyed by sans guests as well; more so in a beautiful space.

Try Dual Toned Walls

Dining room with dual tone walls

Without spending as much on the woodwork and texturizing, you can achieve the same results through good quality paint. Having two-toned walls gives the space a lift of energy and can make a small room look luxurious. What it also does is that it allows you to keep all the other decor elements reasonably simple if you want to cut down on the clutter. If you’re looking for a more dramatic effect, consider using patterned wallpapers to create that distinct look.

Cover It Up With Upholstery

dining room with upholstery

Good upholstery is a classy yet straightforward way of masking the bareness of any room. If your walls are straight and your room seems dull, get furniture upholstered that will be the show-stopper of your dining room. Do you see how the dual rose gold play draws your primal attention? Layer the space with lights, throw a rug, and you've upgraded your dining room.

Use Dining Room Lights For Ambiance

Dining room with big chandeliers

Tweak your dining room lights to create an instant ambiance. Add an elaborate chandelier with a subtle mix of wall mounts, floor, and table lamps and watch it come alive. If you're not constrained by space, then add multiple key sources of light for maximum coverage. Think about the different seating areas in your living room and how lighting changes the room’s mood and aesthetic. 

If You Like It Then, You Should Put a Rug On It

Okay, so rugs can seem like a bold design move, especially if you have kids or pets. Fret not because brands these days are designing fully proofed products. The likes of Overstock, Article, Wayfair, and Target have dedicated sections. Use them freely to add a bit of contrast to your room, and it is a great way to mask a floor that does not fit your design palette. A large area rug also helps you anchor the dining table and the chairs better, so you can easily add more elements around it without overcrowding the room. 

Console Your Dining Room With a Console

When it comes to dining rooms (or any room for that matter in this space-constrained world), design elements like the handy console are design savers. Consoles used to be towering crockery cabinets and shelves back in the day when space constraint was a distant problem. Now the nifty and uplifting second cousin to the crockery shelf, the console, is what you need in your dining room. It gives you ample freedom to showcase your fancy bottles of wine or a space set of plates. It also doubles as a stylish yet space-efficient storage space, so this investment is, hands down, a highly endorsed element.

Add Color To Your Dining Room

Image: Overstock

The easiest way to add color to your dining room is by upgrading your dinnerware and table linens. Craft the perfect tablescape with the smaller accouterments that frequently goes overlooked. Don't restrict yourself to a general one time purchase. Instead, make use of all the colorful flatware in the market right now.


Make It All About Drama

Spacejoy Dining Room

You don’t have to wait for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner to bring out the drama in your dining room. Often, this space gets neglected when it comes to out of the box design and wow-factor elements. Try to change this and make your dining room an impactful room in your home decor by adding dark-hued tones to the walls with dramatic lighting. Don’t be afraid to bring elements you’d usually include in your living room to your dining space. Chairs, rugs, and lamps can be great accent pieces to include in your dining room to upgrade your experience. In the design above, we've added drama by using a deep monochromatic color palette with high contrasting brass finishes. Combined with the more modern styling, this space is super chic.

Transform It Into a Family Room

Spacejoy Dining Room

We don’t know about you, but our family's dining tables were always the center of family gatherings. If that’s your case, then make your dining space all about family. Creating a gallery wall can be the perfect spot to showcase beautiful family pictures. The long cabinet in this dining room is ideal for displaying family heirlooms, while also serving as an additional storage room for dinnerware. Baskets and trays help you keep other organized, ideal items for those using their dining table as a workstation or studying place. This design approach creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy.

Reconsider the Dining Chair

Spacejoy Farmhouse Modern Dining Room

Forget about the classic dining chair your mom still has in her house. Nowadays, the dining chair looks more like your living room’s accent chairs. When you change this minor element in your dining room decor, it instantly upgrades the space to make it look more modern, dramatic, and stylish. If you choose chairs with fabrics, choose ones that are water- and stain-resistant because, unlike the living room, your dining table is the perfect spot for accidents to happen.

Design It as a Living Room

Spacejoy Formal Dining Room

When you’re decorating a dining room, odds are your focus and attention is centered solely on the dining table. While the dining table is the heart of the room, we want to remember to be purposeful with the rest of the space. Adding elements like cabinets, mirrors, and entryway tables can make the space feel more inviting and complete. You can also add a bar cart or bar cabinet if you have the room to complete your dining room area. Don't be afraid to incorporate greenery and large plants around your dining room to bring color and nature to the room. In the end, your dining room should feel and look like an extension of your living room, always inviting you to continue conversations over supper.

Let’s Design Your Dream Dining Room

Often we see pictures of the rooms we want to replicate. It is difficult to lock in on a design that you love, but finding the smaller elements that lift these rooms can be a real challenge. We hope these suggestions can offer an idea and substitute for the elements you'd like to incorporate into your dining room. This means you'll get the desired outcome without losing out on adding your personal touches to the room.

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