Living Room Design Ideas

5 Living Room Design Ideas That Will Inspire You To Decorate Right Now

When it comes to finding living room ideas for your home that suit your tastes, preferences, and personality, it's no easy feat, we'll admit. For one, the possibilities are seemingly endless. You might love a ton of different design styles and not know how to blend them into your home. On the other end of the spectrum, you might have a very singular vision in mind and can't find the right design that fits the bill. Regardless, we've got you covered. We've scoured the interwebs for modern living room design ideas, and we've found a few that our expert designers at Spacejoy especially loved. Here are all the living room design ideas we're totally crushing on right now and all the reasons we love 'em! 

Modern Rustic Living Room

What we love about this living room is that it predominantly uses three colors: black, white, and tan. Notice that even the wooden piece in this living room has the same colored stain as the fabric of the leather sofa set. This makes the design of the room seem cohesive and synonymous. The coffee table has black, cylindrical metal legs, and the statement lamp in the corner is also in all black, ensuring that all of the accents in the room follow the same color palette. This hyper-cohesiveness gives this living room a sleek, modern touch that still feels homey and inviting. To achieve a similar feel, play with textures, i.e., the stand-out striped rug on the floor against the white floors. Don't be afraid to deviate from the color scheme but be cautious while doing so. Here, our designers have incorporated a pair of accent chairs in a deep green that gives the design just enough of a break to be prominent but not overpowering. Another point to take note of is the art on the wall. In keeping with the color scheme, modern abstract art has been put on display as a lovely focal point to the room. 

Kylie Jenner Living RoomArchitectural Digest

There are a lot of things that make this living room in Kylie Jenner's house super interesting. First off, notice how the design of the space plays with shapes. Most of the decor is centered around the idea of rectangles meeting circles. The circular mirrors are placed next to a rigid, rectangular fireplace, giving it that highly symmetrical vibe. The small yet unmissable coffee table offers a great accent to the space with its golden borders and marble top. This is offset by the circular seating spaced around it. The designer has used similar colored plush furniture to enhance the coziness of the space without deviating from the overall theme. There's an aesthetic symmetry to the room that makes it very pleasing to the eye. And finally, there is only one focal point in the room so that the eye knows precisely what it's supposed to be drawn to — the giant slab of marble over the fireplace. Obviously, the all-white grand piano is a nice touch, but even without it, you'd have a really sophisticated living room. 

Concrete & Wooden Living RoomOlson Kundig Architects, Architectural Digest

This super-chic living room is definitely one of those "maybe in a million years when I'm older and richer" dreams that we've all had at least once in our lives. Still, there are tons of design elements in this living room that can be incorporated into a space that doesn't have wall-length windows on all sides with a killer view or 30-foot ceilings. What makes this living room so beautifully zen-like and relaxing is the unexpected mix of concrete and wood. The smooth gray hearth that meets a high, wooden ceiling is modern and sophisticated while being warm and inviting. The coming together of wood, concrete, and glass is a great large living room design idea. Plus, the carefully chosen furniture in the room only enhances the effect of this contrast even more. It's all in a similar color palette as the rest of the room, which helps to bring out the effect of the natural light and the vast, open space. Notice the few ivory-toned pieces that complement the design without overpowering it. Another thing to note is the contrast in heights — the furniture is very low to the ground, making the room seem even taller than it actually is. 

Cozy Transitional Living Room

We love Athena Calderon's take on a New York beach house. It feels modern and sleek while still warm and homey. Everything looks entirely intentional, which is part of what makes this space seem immaculate. The built-in shelving allows for less clutter (no freestanding bookcases or shelves to make the room seem messy), and the mix of textures gives a lot of interesting things for the eye to catch. We particularly like the combination of stones between the end and coffee tables, as well as the few wooden and rattan accents that give the room a warmer touch. The ivory upholstery on all of the seating offers cohesiveness, while the variance in texture (fuzzy on the accent chair, smooth on the sofa) adds intrigue. The lightness of the room still maintains a beachy vibe, but the clean lines bring that urban city vibe into this space. You can always combine two or more design themes while looking for interior design ideas for living rooms. The idea is to marry the two in a cohesive, tasteful way. 

Art Deco Style Living Room

How cool is this ultra-stylish living room? We love an art deco themed living space. It's unique, it's bold, and it'll definitely set you apart from the rest. We love how the designer has flipped the usual rules of interior decorating and used a dark, accent color on most of the walls and used white as the accent wall. The hardwood floors and stark white ceiling offer a great contrast to the deep hues of the walls while also enhancing the natural light coming into this living space. The innovative combination of all three elements ensures that the living room isn't overpowered by the dark walls making the area gloomy and dull. The white art hung on the walls also helps in maximizing the light entering the room. Notice the printed carpet on the floor used to tie the decor of the space together while making a style statement. Another cool living room home design idea is to put in an eye-catching accent piece as a focal point. Here, the designer has brought in an upright piano to do the trick! We love the contrast of the deep color palette and the brightness of the natural light that gives this space a unique decor. 


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