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Reel to real

Reel to real

Found your dream room on Pinterest, Instagram or somewhere else? Show it to us and we'll recreate it in your own space

Hire an expert designer

Hire an expert designer

Love a little bit of this, a little bit of that? Our designers are ready to help you create your perfect room

Get life-like designs

Get life-like designs

Skip the guess-work and see your designs as 3D renders that are so life-like, they could be photographs

No wait time

No wait time

Waiting sucks, we get it! That's why we deliver the final designs for your room in as little time as possible!

Shopping made easy

Shopping made easy

Easily shop all the products in your design or find the perfect alternatives, right here on Spacejoy



Up your design game with our DIY tools that make designing and shopping for your home easy and fun!

Spacejoy is the easiest way to design & shop for your home

Our customers love what we do for their homes and we're sure you will too! Here's a quick way to get started

1.Upload photos of your room

2.Work with an expert designer

3.See your designs in life-like 3D renders

4.Refine your designs until you fall in love

5.Shop products from your designs

Spacejoy is the answer to all your design asks

Spacejoy is the answer to all your design asks

Our designers are here to help!

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our experts are just a click away

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Hear from our customers

I'm never using any other DIY app again! I love how easy it was to customize my space, try on furniture and see the design come alive in 3D!

Vanessa. H.

I love how easily Spacejoy recreated my favorite living room design from Pinterest and showed me how it would look in my space. I'm in love with my new living room!

Anna. P.

My designer understood exactly what I wanted and brought it to life with her beautiful designs. And the 3D renders are so life-like, I was thrilled to see my space before it was done!

Casey. F.

Good reviews are pouring in

Homes that inspire happiness

Recreate this look yourself or let our experts design one for you. Get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Best custom made packages with your interior design needs and budget in mind
Q. Can Spacejoy design around products I already own?

Yes! We can easily incorporate your existing furniture while designing. Our designers will ensure that your new design, which will feature a combination of your existing furniture and newly hand-picked products, will be cohesive and reflect your style and personality. You can see your new design in your actual room in 3D, which means you can be absolutely sure of how everything comes together.

Once you purchase a design package, you'll be redirected to fill out a questionnaire where you can upload pictures of any existing furniture that you'd like to keep in your new designs. We'll either find similar products from our catalog to use in the design or create a 3D model if the closest match is not available.

Q. When will I get my design?
The delivery time of your designs ranges from 1-to-2 weeks depending on the package type selected. Spacejoy offers 3 different design packages: Delight, Bliss, and Euphoria. Choose a package based on your needs. We always do our best to deliver your designs at the earliest. If you need the designs ahead of your stipulated time, you can always write to us at, and your design assistants will do their best
Q. Can I design multiple rooms at a time?
You can design as many rooms as you'd like at the same time. However, if you're planning on designing a full house or more than one room, write to us at and request a special discount, and we'll offer whatever promotions are running at the moment.
Q. Can Spacejoy's designers help me find my style?
Once you choose a package that best suits your needs, you will fill out a questionnaire and take our optional style quiz for your designer to gauge your style and space requirements before the designing takes place. Through these resources, we gain a deeper understanding of your likes, preferences, and purpose of the space. You can also share any inspirational design ideas, images, and moodboards that you may have saved on Pinterest, Instagram, or Houzz. Using these, our designers make a fairly-educated assessment of your style and head to the drawing board to bring your creative visions to life!
Q. Do I have to buy the furniture right away?
All of our designs come with a curated shopping list of the products featured in your design. Through this list, you decide what and when to shop! Whether your purchasing occurs in one go or over a few months as your space comes together, the shopping happens at your convenience. There’s only one catch - while we do our best to select items with high inventory to avoid out-of-stock situations, there is a possibility that some of the products hand-picked by our designers suited for your style, budget, and layout may run out of stock through the retailer. If you absolutely love something you can’t live without from your designs, we recommend purchasing it sooner than later!
Q. I don’t have a floorplan - can you work with just photos and videos of my home?
If you don’t have a formal floorplan, you can always eyeball the layout of your space and hand-draw it to the best of your abilities, photograph it, and upload the image under the floorplan section in your questionnaire. In the unlikely event that you are unable to send across either a formal floorplan or a hand-drawn layout, provide as many photos and videos of your space as possible for our team to do their best at creating your 3D model. Getting the layout correct is crucial as your model and overall designs are centered around it!
Q. I don't have a huge budget, but I need help. Can Spacejoy work with my budget?
Spacejoy's designers work under a budget specified by you. They'll do their best to find furniture and decor options that work for the budget you have in mind without compromising style or functionality.

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