An Open Mid-Century Modern Living-Dining Room

This open living-dining room features a console cabinet directly opposite the main entry, which provides lots of enclosed storage and helps to define the transitional space between entry, open living, and kitchen zones. The workspace is tucked into the corner to the immediate left entrance, featuring a desk and cabinet with lots of enclosed storage. The dining area floats to the left of the main entrance between the two windows, while the lounge area aligns with the left edge of the space. The dining space features easy-to-clean molded chairs, which are durable and feature a clean white finish. A small reading nook is nestled behind the main lounge space featuring a pair of accent chairs, floor lamp, and side table - narrow console tables are placed behind the sofa to provide surface area for beverages, snacks, or books. In addition, the lounge space features a warm wood finish TV console cabinet with enclosed storage and an armchair paired with a side table - the ottomans float in the center to create a central coffee table surface and provide additional seating when needed. Overall, this space is light and bright.

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Will never paint or buy furnishing for another room without getting a design from Spacejoy first

My Spacejoy designer understood exactly what I wanted and brought it to life with her beautiful designs. My room looks amazing - It’s exactly the style we were going for but could never quite achieve. And the 3D renders are so life-like, I was beyond thrilled to see my space before it was done!

Chelsey Shoup

Plymouth, Massachusetts

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