Contemporary Office Space With Pendant Lighting


Designing a contemporary office space can be a fun challenge, and with the right elements, it can become an inspiring and productive workspace. One of the most important aspects of any room design is the lighting, and in this completed design for a contemporary office space, pendant lighting takes center stage. The initial concept for this home office was based on a desire for a balance between bright and dark colors. To achieve this, we made several changes to the space, such as adding textured wallpaper and updating the flooring. The wallpaper adds a beautiful texture to the room that helps the space feel elevated, and the new flooring brings a fresh, modern look. We kept the bulkhead in a bright white and painted the ceiling in black, which helps the room look taller and more spacious. The trim was painted in a deep black color to match the door into the cigar lounge, creating a cohesive look throughout the space. The office was separated into two distinct zones, with the first zone being a work area with book storage and a desk, and the second zone being a relaxing area where the TV can easily be watched and conversations can be enjoyed. Two bar cabinets were added for liquor storage, which will come in handy while entertaining. The pieces that were selected are designed to work well with taller people, and the depth is pretty deep. We used a variety of materials like marble, rustic woods, chunky textiles, and cowhide to help layer in depth to the design, keeping the room feeling open and interesting. There is a lot of lighting in this office space, with pendant lighting taking center stage. The pendant lights are hung in a cluster over the work area, providing task lighting that is both functional and stylish. The use of pendant lighting also adds visual interest to the room, helping to create a focal point. This design for a contemporary office space with pendant lighting is both functional and stylish. The use of a balanced color scheme, textured wallpaper, and pendant lighting creates a cohesive and inspiring space that is perfect for working or relaxing. With the addition of dimmer switches, the mood of the space can easily be changed, making it a versatile and practical workspace.

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