Mid Century Industrial Open Living Space


Designing a living space that merges mid-century and industrial elements is a fun challenge, and in this design, you'll see how it can be done with style. The initial concept for this living room and dining room design was based on the client's Pinterest boards and design preferences. The existing pieces are represented in the design, along with a couple of new pieces to fill in the large space appropriately. The living room features a large frost gray performance velvet sectional, which is perfect for pets and easy to clean. A wood/leather accent chair brings a beautiful contrast to the living room and works well with the dining room chairs. To create a relaxing space without interrupting the view, a daybed was added, which is perfect for playing music or reading a book. The dining room ceiling and fireplace were given a pop of color to add interest and warmth to the space. The overall color scheme is kept neutral with warm tones to create a cozy atmosphere. The mid-century and industrial elements are brought together through the use of materials like wood, leather, and metal. The wood/leather accent chair and dining room chairs feature a warm wood finish, while the metal legs and frames add an industrial touch. The daybed and sectional have a mid-century modern feel with their clean lines and simple shapes. The finished living space is an open and inviting area that seamlessly blends mid-century and industrial elements. It's perfect for relaxing, entertaining, or working from home. The design is a testament to how a well-planned and executed design can bring together disparate elements to create a cohesive and stylish living space.

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We truly loved working with the Spacejoy team

I have zero design skills so working with a top Spacejoy designer to transform our master bedroom was exactly what we needed. The designs were stunning and being able to see our room transformed in 3D made it so easy for us to decide what we wanted. Thank you Spacejoy for this wonderful experience!

Caroline Sferruzzo

Raleigh, NC

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