Calming Living Room with Earthy Hues


Introducing the Calming Living Room with Earthy Hues, a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation. This thoughtfully designed space embraces a harmonious blend of neutral tones and earthy hues, creating an inviting ambiance for entertaining guests and unwinding after a long day. At the heart of this tranquil haven is the JoyBird Hughes sofa, where comfort meets style. Its plush cushions and tailored upholstery beckon you to sink in and let the stress melt away. Paired with the Hughes ottoman, it provides the perfect spot to put up your feet and enjoy a moment of respite. The West Elm Volume round storage coffee table takes center stage, offering both functionality and elegance. Its sleek design conceals ample storage space, keeping your living room clutter-free and organized. Adorning the floor is the Ruggable Nina Takesh Seine Camel and Ivory rug, its soft texture and soothing color palette adding warmth and grounding to the room. A blend of natural elements and modern accents adorn the space, adding visual interest and a touch of sophistication. The Wayfair Waverley wood ladder bookcase showcases your treasured collection of books and decor, while the West Elm Hewitt side table provides a convenient surface for your favorite beverage or a captivating sculpture. Adding a touch of greenery, the Wayfair artificial palm tree brings the outdoors in, infusing the room with a sense of freshness and tranquility. Illuminating the space is the Roar and Rabbit ripple ceramic table lamp, casting a soft and warm glow, perfect for cozy evenings. To complete the ensemble, the Crate and Barrel Edmer Spotted Large White Vase, and the CB2 Virgil matte white planters hold vibrant foliage, adding pops of natural color and life to the room. The Pottery Barn ‘Live Beautiful’ and the Louis Vuitton ‘The Birth of Modern Luxury’ coffee table books provide not only reading material but also eye-catching conversation starters. In this serene haven, comfort meets style, and relaxation meets elegance. Step into the Calming Living Room with Earthy Hues, and let the worries of the day drift away in an atmosphere designed to soothe your senses and nourish your soul.

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We truly loved working with the Spacejoy team

I have zero design skills so working with a top Spacejoy designer to transform our master bedroom was exactly what we needed. The designs were stunning and being able to see our room transformed in 3D made it so easy for us to decide what we wanted. Thank you Spacejoy for this wonderful experience!

Caroline Sferruzzo

Raleigh, NC

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