Industrial Contemporary Bathroom with Walnut Vanity


Unveil a captivating voyage through our Industrial Contemporary Bathroom, where the striking presence of a Walnut Vanity sets the stage for an enchanting fusion of contemporary allure and industrial charisma. Delve into a realm where design transcends boundaries, weaving together elements of modern sophistication and timeless industrial charm, resulting in a space that embodies unrivaled elegance and artistic ingenuity. At the core of this design is a sophisticated walk-in shower, offering a seamless and step-free entry that enhances accessibility and safety. The absence of a traditional step not only promotes convenience but also adds a touch of modernity to the space. Complementing this feature, we have curated carefully selected accessories that elevate both the visual interest and functionality of the bathroom, showcasing our attention to detail. The overall aesthetic revolves around a neutral color palette, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and versatility. A striking travertine tile floor serves as the foundation, while matching grout highlights the medium tan hues, adding depth and dimension. Vertical installations of modern ribbon matte porcelain tiles adorn the shower walls, introducing captivating texture and character to the space while creating an illusion of height. To ensure a cohesive backdrop, we have chosen a neutral light taupe tone for the walls. Taking center stage, the floating walnut vanity epitomizes the industrial contemporary theme. Its rich natural wood grain, combined with a minimalist design, infuses the space with warmth and sophistication. The walnut vanity becomes a focal point, effortlessly blending industrial charm with modern aesthetics. With clean lines and a sleek finish, it epitomizes the perfect balance between industrial and contemporary elements, showcasing our meticulous selection of materials. This Industrial Contemporary Bathroom with Walnut Vanity showcases a remarkable fusion of contemporary design and industrial elements. We invite you to immerse yourself in the experience that this design offers, as it transcends boundaries and caters to individuals who appreciate the seamless integration of industrial and contemporary aesthetics.

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We wanted some ideas on designing and decorating our baby nursery! After researching, we decided to work with Spacejoy and boy! am I glad we did! The designer designed out entire space in 3D. We could see how the products looked in our space and what we didn’t like, the designer found alternatives for, all within our budget!

Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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