Japandi Living Room with Slat Wall


In the harmonious blend of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism, the Japandi living room breathes serenity and warmth into small spaces. At its heart, the curved sofa by TOV, cloaked in a sumptuous cream faux fur, offers an inviting centerpiece that encourages relaxation and conviviality. The Surrey Cream chair by Four Hands echoes this sentiment with its plush seating, making it the perfect accent chair for intimate gatherings or moments of solitary repose. The space is grounded by the textural contrast of the Mini Pebble Wool Jute Rug from West Elm, which sets a natural, earthy foundation for the sleek Organic Modular Table. This large centerpiece table, accompanied by the Monti Lava Stone Side Table and Odesa Accent Table, offers a variety of surfaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A slat wall provides a backdrop that is both visually striking and emblematic of Japandi's marriage of light and shadow. It's a design choice that enhances the sense of depth and dimension within the room. Faux potted fiddle leaf fig trees introduce a breath of life, complemented by the light grey tones of Sphere indoor-outdoor planters, creating an indoor oasis that blurs the lines between the outdoors and the in. For the art enthusiast, the room includes the Saga Wall Art series from Moe's Home, which adds a touch of sophisticated visual interest. The Dayna TV Stand accommodates a 65" TV without overwhelming the space, a nod to Japandi's principle of functional simplicity. To encapsulate the luxury and refinement, the Louis Vuitton coffee table book sits prominently, adding a cultured touch. To elevate the ambiance, the Rove Collection's Palo Santo and Cardamom scent permeates the room, while the Bentlee Pendant lights hang gracefully, their glow softening the sleek black and white accents found throughout the space. The room is completed with touches of elegance such as the Bianca Square Cotton Pillow Cover and the Small Metal Ring Sculpture, which subtly enhance the room's luxurious feel. This Japandi living room with its slat wall is a testament to the beauty of blending cultures, creating a space that is both a sanctuary for peace and a stage for sophisticated living. The careful selection of furnishings and accessories all contribute to a design that is as functional as it is visually compelling, ideal for those who appreciate the art of subtlety and the beauty of simplicity.

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My Spacejoy designer understood exactly what I wanted and brought it to life with her beautiful designs. My room looks amazing - It’s exactly the style we were going for but could never quite achieve. And the 3D renders are so life-like, I was beyond thrilled to see my space before it was done!

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Plymouth, Massachusetts

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