Skull Bust Décor: A Modern Rustic Bedroom


We were looking for that extra pop in the bedroom, and the accent wall behind the bed has spiced things up. The dark hue accent wall has set the stage for texture, and the mixed-use of wood and wicker has made this space feel cozy and warm. We incorporated a white dresser to complement the cute mid-century nightstands and the crisp white walls across the bedroom. Space is grounded with a rug in boho patterns. Throughout the bedroom, we’ve used greenery accents to bring in warmth and a feel of the outdoors indoors. The floor-length mirror beside the bed bounces the natural light, making the bedroom appear brighter and spacious. The skull bust décor on the accent wall makes the bedroom feel personalized, and so does the gallery wall in art prints and hues. The bright cushions and throws on the bed echo the navy wall adding to an overall bold vibe.

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We wanted some ideas on designing and decorating our baby nursery! After researching, we decided to work with Spacejoy and boy! am I glad we did! The designer designed out entire space in 3D. We could see how the products looked in our space and what we didn’t like, the designer found alternatives for, all within our budget!

Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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