Modern Office Space with Daybed

Picture this: a Modern Office Space with a Daybed that flawlessly marries functionality with aesthetic finesse. As you walk in, your eyes immediately land on the Elsmere Upholstered Sleeper Sofa, cleverly doubling as a daybed. The Nadine Rug from West Elm provides a stylish underfoot experience, setting a warm and inviting tone for the space. Now, let’s talk about workstations. The standing desk is not just ergonomic; it’s a statement piece that screams modernity. The desk is perfectly complemented by the Helvetica Leather Office Chair from West Elm, where comfort meets sleek design. Above it, dual monitor wall mount arms from Amazon create a streamlined look, eliminating clutter. Open shelving from the Mederos Bookcase by Wayfair offers ample space for office essentials and decorative items, like the McGee & Co Parchment Books Set of 5 and the eye-catching 4 Piece Beach ColorStak Authentic Decorative Book Set from Perigold. The lighting scenario is equally dazzling, highlighted by the Uttermost Pilato Dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze 3-Light Floor Lamp. But it's the abstract art that truly stands out, with the Marigold Soul II Print from Crate and Barrel setting an artistic mood that fuels creativity. Greenery is an indispensable part of this office haven. Hanging plants like the Faux Watermelon Peperomia from The Sill and the Potted Faux Bird of Paradise from CB2 bring a refreshing touch of nature indoors. And speaking of CB2, their woven leather pouf adds a dash of texture and provides alternative seating, imbued with a sense of coziness and style. Leather elements pervade the space, from the office chair to pieced leather pillow covers by Pottery Barn and a copper crushed velvet pillow from CB2. These textured accents make the space tactilely rich and inviting. In terms of storage, a white marble box from CB2 finds its smaller counterpart, serving as elegant containers that are as practical as they are attractive. Even the little things, like the Striped Marble Wood Bookends from West Elm, make a big impact. But this modern office is also a smart office. The Windspun Matte black LED DC Hugger Ceiling Fan from Spacejoy not only adds to the decor but keeps the environment perfectly conditioned. For personal touches, the Infinity Photo Display Picture Frame from Wayfair provides a stylish platform for cherished memories. In this office, each item serves a dual purpose: functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that not only fosters productivity but also champions style and comfort. It’s modern, it’s chic, and it’s exactly where you want to be, whether you're pounding the keyboard or lounging on the daybed.

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We wanted some ideas on designing and decorating our baby nursery! After researching, we decided to work with Spacejoy and boy! am I glad we did! The designer designed out entire space in 3D. We could see how the products looked in our space and what we didn’t like, the designer found alternatives for, all within our budget!

Erica & Kaleb

Salt Lake City, Utah

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