Picture Perfect: A Contemporary Glam Bedroom


We’ve layered tonal neutrals for this contemporary space that creates depth through a mix of light and dark grey hues. The soft patterned accent rugs help to define the two areas with subtle texture. Bedside cabinets feature brass pull hardware paired with oversize white and brass table lamps that create balance with the tufted headboard and compliment the gold accent abstract art above the bed. To the bed's right, a large dresser provides additional storage paired with graphic black and white artwork. Across from the bed, the electric fireplace mounted directly to the wall with floating mantle ledges above and below to frame the unit and help it to feel integrated into the wall. The sitting area features your existing swivel chairs, a brass floor lamp, and a terrazzo side table with an oversize antique-style mirror behind balances the window openings - a dark grey sculptural sideboard rests on the wall to the left paired with brass and white table lamps. Overall, this contemporary bedroom exudes glamor and style.

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Will never paint or buy furnishing for another room without getting a design from Spacejoy first

My Spacejoy designer understood exactly what I wanted and brought it to life with her beautiful designs. My room looks amazing - It’s exactly the style we were going for but could never quite achieve. And the 3D renders are so life-like, I was beyond thrilled to see my space before it was done!

Chelsey Shoup

Plymouth, Massachusetts

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