Minimalist Glam Bedroom with Brass Accents


This bedroom whispers of minimalist glam with its artful mix of understated comfort and sleek brass accents. A canvas of crisp white walls sets the stage for a statement bed from Wayfair, decked in plush terracotta hues—a nod to both luxury and repose. The centerpiece, a tufted headboard, anchors the room with its creamy tones and classic charm. Brass details are the unsung heroes here, from the chic sconces to the slender elegance of the overhead fixture, casting a soft, ambient glow. Each golden touch is a deliberate stroke of sophistication, proving that true style lies in the details. Graceful furnishings like the Brookings leaner mirror from Bruke Decor brings in depth and light, while the glass-topped side table that marries utility with finesse. The room is finished with a Terrain rug from West Elm that grounds the space in warmth, creating a seamless blend of the tranquil and the tasteful. In this Minimalist Glam bedroom with brass accents, every element conspires to offer an escape into a world of refined simplicity.

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It was so helpful seeing the room in 3D, and getting links to each of the products used made it so easy to order the exact pieces

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