Glam Bedroom with Marble Fireplace and Accent Seating


The allure of glam is unmistakable in this masterfully designed bedroom, where every detail exudes a sense of elegance and comfort. The eye is immediately drawn to the marble fireplace, a luxurious focal point that anchors the room with its sophisticated presence. Above, the Seed Chandelier casts a warm, inviting glow, its brass finish reflecting a soft light that highlights the room's neutral palette. To either side of the fireplace, the Evie Sofa and Ynes Upholstered Swivel Armchair create an inviting reading nook, offering the perfect spot for quiet contemplation or delving into a modern coffee table book from ColorStak. The plushness of the Alto White Organic Cotton Quilt and Shams on the Thaddeus Leather Panel Bed invites a restful slumber, while the Washed Linen Duvet Cover in king size adds a layer of artisanal charm. Accents in brass abound, from the Gallery Brass Frame with White Mat that showcases artful pieces on the walls, to the Mia Gold Side Table Stool that provides a touch of opulence. The gleaming Bellport Link Marble Stone Objects and the Alabaster Candle Bowl add to the room's curated elegance. Neutrals play a pivotal role, offering a canvas for textures and finishes to truly shine. The Cirque Jovie Area Rug underfoot adds depth with its intricate pattern, while the Leger Velvet Pillow in Ivory and the Icelandic Sheepskin Pillow provide tactile contrast on the bed and seating. The room's functionality is not forgotten amidst its beauty; practical elements like the Fayette Bar Cabinet and the Regina Andrew Jane Table Lamp combine utility with style. The space is a harmonious blend of glam and practicality, where every item is carefully selected to contribute to an atmosphere that is both luxurious and lived-in. In this bedroom, the brass accents, the warmth of the fireplace, the comfort of the reading nook, and the understated elegance of the neutral tones come together to create a haven that is as inviting as it is stylish.

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We decided to give Spacejoy a try and so glad we did. Couldn’t be happier with how our room turned out.

I absolutely loved working with Spacejoy! From the 3D renders to the personalized 1:1 moments working with my designer, the whole experience was great. My designer understood what I wanted and created a design that makes my space look amazing. Can’t wait to work with Spacejoy for the other rooms!


New York

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