Glam Bedroom with Pink Accents


In curating this bedroom, the design intertwines elegance with a playful yet refined palette. The foundational tone is set with a neutral backdrop, allowing the pink accents to sing. Anchored by a Katy bed from Four Hands and bedding in understated beige, the room invites a restful ambience, complemented by a bench at the foot. From the sumptuous feel of the Cosima Medallion pink and dark purple rug from Burke Decor underfoot, to the smooth, cool touch of the cotton accent pillows, layered textures give depth to the space. A thoughtful selection of greenery and the warm wood tones of the side tables and dresser inject life and earthiness. The room’s lighting, a striking Beckham Modern large chandelier from Spacejoy, paired with soft bedside lamps, casts a glow that highlights the room’s soft contours and the artful assembly of decor. A tall, arched mirror amplifies the light and space. Sculptural wall accents command interest, and the luxurious drapery framing the windows complete this glam bedroom with pink accents.

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It was so helpful seeing the room in 3D, and getting links to each of the products used made it so easy to order the exact pieces

I LOVE Spacejoy! Not only are their designs absolutely stunning but they also have the widest selection of products from all the top brands. I found everything I needed for my home, all in one place! Plus they give extra discounts which means more savings! Win-win!


Washington State

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